What can make the Super Bowl even more entertaining? Because you can never predict if the actual action on the field will amount to anything, it's better to have an alternative. As usual, I've hand-picked my favorite foodie choices for the game, designed to feed a larger group. If you find something you really like, ping me on my Twitter feed.

1. Boxed.com Grocery Packs (Pricing Varies)

Known as the online alternative to Costco, Boxed sells items in bulk (say, the chips, salsa, and cheese you need for queso). You can also buy the plates, cups, and drinks all in one place. Plus, if you spend more than $20, shipping is free.

2. Late July Clasico Tortilla Chips ($3.57 each)

Founded by Nicole Bernard Dawes in 2003, Late July makes organic chips and crackers. These tortilla chips, launched in 2010, include flavors like Buffalo Queso and Jalapeño Lime.

3. Omaha Steaks Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Meals ($128 for four)

Dropping these ready-to-cook packs (20 varieties available) into a Crock-Pot means you can focus on the game. For the BBQ Mac and Cheese, three huge cheese packs combine with tasty Omaha Steaks beef. The pack even comes with a free Crock-Pot.

4. Black Point Seafood Company Lobster Roll ($110)

This company sells Maine-based seafood (known for their lobster, obviously) similar to Omaha Steaks. The lobster roll packs come in a small cooler, ready to thaw and cook.

5. The New Primal Classic Jerky ($55 for five-pack)

Always grass-fed and minimally processed, these primo jerky packs will make both Patriots and Eagles fans happy. Flavors include Date and Rosemary, Classic, and Spicy.

6. Ne-Mo's Bakery Cake Squares (Pricing Varies)

Founded in 1975 when Ed Smith sold his famous carrot cake to a restaurant, these delicious cake squares are available in stores. Ne-Mo's makes many bakery items like bundt cake and brownies.

7. S'Mac and Cheese Custom Mac & Cheese Two-Pack ($45)

Hand-made in New York City's East Village, the ultimate comfort food some of us remember from our childhood could salve fans of the losing team. Flavors include Buffalo Chicken, Alpine (Bacon and Gruyere) and a tasty 4 Cheese blend.

8. Shari's Berries Chocolate Cravings Crate ($100)

This huge pack includes popcorn, fruit, frosted pretzels, and several chocolate candies and cookies. The company makes delicious products packaged in a nice sturdy crate.

9. New York Prime Beef Strip Steak ($400)

Go big or go home. This Game Day package includes a pound of Duroc pork bacon, four burgers, and four strip steaks that use a dry-aging process to bring out the most flavor.

10. Ready Pac Foods Bistro Bowls ($3.99)

Founded in 1969 by Dennis Gertmenian, these all-in-one veggie and salad bowls come in plastic serving bowls that keep the food tasty and fresh. Sent via AmazonFresh.

11. Campo's Deli Philly Cheesesteaks and Hoagies 4-Pack ($90)

Delivered straight from the City of Brotherly Love, these hoagies and cheesesteak subs have a distinct Philly taste. They arrive in a cooler, ready to unpack and eat.

Published on: Feb 1, 2018
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