Stop me if you've heard this one before, but I was oblivious to it.

It turns out that using the vibration setting on your iPhone X can really hurt the battery life. If you disable that setting and the ringer, your phone will suddenly last all day.

I decided to experiment with the option over an entire week, and while battery life is very subjective--it depends on the apps you use, screen brightness, and many other features which may or may not be available on your smartphone--I can tell you that nothing has drained the battery more than the vibration setting--and I was able to keep the Facebook app on my phone (removing it also saves battery life).

I first noticed the problem because, surprisingly enough, since first testing the iPhone X I've never had to charge my phone during the day. Since the first time I unpacked the device and disabled the vibration setting simply because it's a little annoying, I've generally only had to charge up at night (although I usually keep the iPhone X connected in the car).

I'm in the process of selling my house, and I wanted to know about any phone calls, text messages or other alerts, so I turned on vibration and the ringer on again. Suddenly, everyday my phone would pop up with a warning about battery life sometime after lunch.

I've been using smartphones since they first debuted, but for some reason I figured that tiny pulses for every notification wouldn't be a big problem. And, honestly, it hasn't been an issue in the past, but these days I'm getting notified for everything--Slack messages, Trello, email, texts, voicemails, and social media mentions. When I decided to disable the feature, I didn't expect to see such dramatic results. The iPhone X went back to lasting all day.

So how did I still make sure I was monitoring my phone?

That part was pretty easy.

On the iPhone X, I set an auto-reply in iMessage to send a message to my contacts who texted me. It said I was experimenting with battery life, and that I had disabled vibration settings and the ringer. Then, I just decided to check my phone every 30 minutes.

I found I was able to keep all of my other apps, including Facebook. I kept experimenting, and whenever I turne don the vibration setting, I suddenly started seeing the low battery warning every late afternoon and evening. Disabled, I woudl never see them.

How about you? If you have battery saving tips, post them on my Twitter feed for everyone to see. If you try my tip by disabling vibration on the iPhone X, let everyone know.