I keep hearing from entrepreneurs, business leaders, and knowledge workers who are stuck in their daily routine. They can't seem to jump over a hurdle in the middle of the road...or knock it down by sheer willpower. It's a form of mental paralysis. In most cases, I blame the constant flow of digital information we deal with on a daily basis, the text messages and social media that can overwhelm us and make us feel stuck. There is an answer. This principle is an acronym for the word MOVE that involves four daily habits. Each day, you have to follow these four steps in order to move forward and find success. Note that this concept is one I use myself. It's not necessarily meant for everyone, just people who are seriously stuck. Will you try it for at least a week?

1. MOTIVATE yourself

In the age of distraction and flat management principles, it's critical to figure out how to motivate yourself and not look to a boss for motivation. Someday, maybe everyone will work for themselves. When that day comes, be ready. I'm constantly creating motivations for myself, adding pressure or a reward, dangling a self-imposed carrot over my own head. It works. In fact, it's a way of life for me. It is now a daily habit and something I don't even think about that much. I tell myself, get to inbox zero and head to Caribou. Or, finish three phone calls and crack open that new EA Sports game. Try it.

2. OVERCOME one impediment

Usually, the thing that is keeping you from moving is a pesky problem that just won't budge. Many small objects impeding your progress forms into a full-blown obstacle. It's a rock you can't roll. And yet, you can make progress on it. Maybe it's a huge tax payment burden. Or, a new employee you hired that needs some serious training. To MOVE, you have to make small progress on that issue. Do some small amount of training with that employee. Pay the tax debt down a little. By the end of the week or maybe the end of the month, you'll see some progress on the problem.

3. VARY your work setting

Where you work has a serious impact on how you work. To MOVE, you need to change your setting. This does not have to be overly complex. Sometimes, I just move to a different desk in my own office (yes, I have two of them). I work at a cafe once per week. Sometimes, I work from the sofa or a park bench. The movement in place creates movement in your thinking. It inspires you. Try getting a different chair, renting an office across town, buying a new laptop, or changing a few of your desk ornaments.

4. EMBRACE one change

The concept of embracing change is one I've been thinking a lot about lately. It's intentional pursuit of change as a way to improve your productivity. For example, I've been trying to get better at tracking expenses. I won't suddenly emerge as a fully formed expense reporting expert. Besides, that sounds sort of painful anyway. However, I can scan a few receipts each day. By the end of the week, I will know how much money went out of the coffers. That's a win. That's small change leading to big change. Being stuck is a feeling of being stagnant and it is self-perpetuating, but small changes are much easier to embrace on a daily basis. Maybe you won't even notice you've improved. As always, let me know if you try this daily routine and if it works.