After every new iPhone release, there's a short period of time when the rumors and leaks subside for a bit. Apparently, everyone just takes a breather.

Well, we've already passed that time period.

The iPhone 6s came out a few short weeks ago and we're already hearing about the iPhone 7. It might be a big one, and I don't mean by size.

From what I've read and tracked, the iPhone 7 could come out as soon as next spring and offer a few twists and surprises.

Here are the best ones (that seem reliable).

1. No headphone jack

You may have already read about this. It's a big deal, because if the iPhone 7 doesn't include a headphone jack, it will require that you use a wireless headset for music and calls. But there's a reason why you'll love this. The 3.5mm headphone jack means the size of any smartphone has to accommodate that design, so if this rumor is true, the new iPhone 7 might be much thinner.

2. Fingerprint reader on the screen

Not every rumor you hear about the iPhone is that compelling. The fingerprint reader on the Home button is already useful enough and adds a layer of security. However, what makes this rumor interesting is that it implies that the next iPhone might use an edge-to-edge screen. Finally, Apple would do away with the extra half-inch of the enclosure on the top and bottom.

3. USB-C port

It's hard to get excited about USB ports, I know. Yet if the rumor is true about the new model ditching the Lightning port connector for power and a USB connection, it will save time, at least at airports. USB-C can handle video (HDMI and DisplayPort), USB, and power. I love this port on the Google Chromebook Pixel 2015; there is one on either side and they both work for power.

4. 3D Touch gestures

I'm still getting used to the 3D Touch features on the iPhone 6s. I've just discovered that you can hold down the Camera app icon and, with a click, take a quick selfie (if you're into that sorta thing). Another rumor about the iPhone 7 suggests Apple will expand the functionality so you can use two or three fingers. For example, maybe you can press and hold two fingers to delete an email. For gaming, multitouch pressure sensitivity could add some new gameplay twists.

5. Dual cameras

HTC has the upper hand here when it comes to multiple cameras. The HTC One uses two cameras on the back for one photo so you can go back and change focus or use special effects. On the iPhone 7, two cameras could help with focus but also color processing. Maybe they could revitalize the stagnating 3-D video market as well (but  probably not).