Last minute shopping alert, right? That company holiday party is fast approaching, so here are some creative, unusual, and techie ideas for gifts to give your staff. There's something here for just about every personality type, from foodies to techies to audiophiles.

1. The Techie: Puku ($99)

I like this small and well-designed charger for a phone or tablet. So will that employee who always comes to a meeting with a tablet and a smartphone in tow. The Puku comes in a wide range of neon colors like bright purple and cyan, which provides the handy perk of being able to find it in a laptop bag easily. It provides about 5-7 hours of charging.

2. The Audiophile: Oasis What's The Story Morning Glory LP ($24)

There's always someone in the office into vinyl. This re-mastered version of the classic Oasis album is a smart purchase--it includes a free digital download of every song on the album. The collection folds out with multiple pictures of the English rock band.

3. The Foodie: Godiva Chocolatier Gift Basket ($25)

Go ahead and spring for this Godiva gift basket, it's filled with chocolates and cocoa but not at a price that will break your budget. there are truffles, graham crackers, and other confections that will make the foodie in the office happy you are the boss.

4. The Hyper Organizer: Evernote Pfeiffer Stacking Cups ($25)

I love these little stacking cups, part of an extensive collection from the company that makes the note-taking app (and the leather notebooks that capture your notes). So will the person in your office who is known to keep the best records and arrives at the same time everyday. They offer trays, pen holders, and much more in multiple colors.

5. The Gamer: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I'm here to tell you as a gamer myself: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter is the most sought after shooter by anyone who owns an Xbox One or a Sony PlayStation 4 this year. A social media analytics company recently told me it's not even close--they analyzed mentions of video games on Twitter and COD is the number one most-talked-about game by far. The game mimics what real future soldiers will do in combat.

6. The Movie Buff: MoviePass

You can make the day of the office theater-dweller with a subscription to this movie club, which just recently announced a partnership with AMC. Plans cost about $35-$45 for one month (depending on the area), and the card (which activates with an app and works like a Discover card) will let them gain entry to one movie per day at many US theaters.