Not everyone can be a raging success when it comes to business.

Over and over again, I see the same traits that separate the better from the best. If you don't develop these attitudes and viewpoints, it might be a tough year. Settle for "good" and you might find your bank account will run dry. Hire marginal employees, come in second place in the race to build the next Twitter, or just rest on past accomplishments and things will not be as rosy.

Do these things to succeed:

1. Remember the best is always the best

The "best" is really, really hard. You have to be better than everyone else. You have to figure out what the best even means. You have to iterate, which can be expensive. You have to have an attitude that accepts nothing less than perfection. Yet, if you can make "the best" of anything, it always leads to success. The best car, the best phone...the best sweater-vest. People are drawn to the best because it is worth their investment. It will work. It will meet their needs.

2. You are only as good as your team

Dirty little secret here. Steve Jobs did not act alone. In fact, he never really designed the circuitry for the iPhone and never used a CAD program to design the iPad to be so thin. He wasn't particularly technical. Yet, his true genius was in tasking other people to complete his vision. He was great because his team was great and he inspired greatness. Great wealth always alludes those who are not surrounded by greatness.

3. Be the first to make something great

"First" and "great" are always the key to massive success in business. If you can be first and make something spectacular, it will likely lead to an overflowing bank account and a plaque on the wall. Of course, that's not easy. Being first requires incredible innovation because you can't just imitate what is already available. And then, taking that innovation and making it great is harder still because you have nothing to compare your product against.

4. Always leverage and diversify

You could win the lottery. (I've never bought a ticket, so that seems unlikely for me.) Or, you can hit see great heights in your income the old-fashioned way: By building it brick by brick, one project after another. If you do, remember to leverage. If you put too much emphasis in one area, it can fail and you're stuck. Anyone who is truly wealthy knows how to dabble in many different areas and constantly diversify and leverage one asset against another.

5. Good is not good enough

Let's go back to the "best" attitude. Companies that fail relied on good enough. They don't have a vision. Companies like Tesla, Apple, and Patagonia never accept good. It is not in their vocabulary. Exclude it from yours. Only "best" leads to the success that puts you in a different playing field. Correct your vision and shoot for best.