It's coming.

Wireless charging for the next iPhone, as reported by multiple outlets, could finally end the constant cable clutter nightmare we have at our desks and at home.

Sure, it was a minor change at a website that provided a few hints. Apple joined a consortium for Qi, the popular wireless charging standard.

Today, several Samsung smartphones and the older Google Nexus line support the standard, and Mophie has recently released a new case for the current iPhone 7 that uses Qi. There's even a few cars that use it, like this Toyota pickup.

What makes the news so interesting for iPhone users is that wireless charging today usually requires a bulky case add-on. If the rumors are true and the next iPhone does use Qi wireless charging, it's possible Apple may have figured out how to make the phone thinner than the current models. (They wouldn't use Qi otherwise.)

More importantly, when Apple finally adopts a standard, it usually explodes in the market (and not in the way things turned out last year for the Samsung Galaxy Note, sorry for reminding you). For now, there's a line of IKEA desks and furniture that support wireless charging, but imagine how this will work in the near future. Beyond your desk, it's possible that conference room tables will have the pads. So will the tables at Starbucks and Caribou. Your kitchen counter might have one, or even your nightstand.

And then...what about the tray in an airplane? The nightstand at a hotel? In this future scenario, one that could become viable by 2018 or so, we could decide to leave the cable at home and never have to fish it out again. Most of us are constantly unwrapping cables, connecting them, wrapping them up again, then repeating that routine all day. I'm guessing wireless charging will free up at least 30 minutes per day.

It also means we shift our thinking from cables to wireless, which is something Apple has already been doing with the AirPods. For now, you set a Qi-enabled device onto a pad, but eventually wireless charging could occur from within a few inches or a few feet away. Energous, the company Apple is said to be working with on new standards, could make this possible.

Someday, our gadgets (including phones, tablets, laptops, and even our cars) will charge merely by entering a room or along the highway even from greater distances. This will save time and effort, but it will also mean we won't have to think about it as much. Gadgets will be "always on" and always charging, which will make them even more useful (and possibly mean we rely on them even more).

Of course, there's even a next step after this. Could future houses be powered by a wireless signal? Factories? Entire buildings? It's hard to think about it today, but the power outlet in every home and office could eventually disappear which would in turn create a totally different work environment. Maybe we can configure our desks differently, maybe wireless power will change building design (and certainly airport terminal design).

If it happens because of one simple change to the iPhone, that's a fairly big milestone. Now we just need to wait and see if it all pans out.