OK, enough about that topic.

As we all know, there's never enough separation between family life and business. The famous founder is brilliant, devising so much more than an online store.

He created a new way to live, helping us focus on things that matter. We order on Amazon and then we're done. He's also ushering in a new age of physical store shopping where everything is managed by AI, and you could easily argue that Bezos, by leading Amazon, deserves as much credit for reinventing online storage, data processing, shipping and fulfillment, and warehousing in general as e-commerce.

Yet, we're slightly obsessed.

We want to know the why and the what, and we like to dig into the entrepreneur mindset. Part of the reason why we're so curious is that we want to know why famous people are famous. Are they breathing different oxygen? Do they only eat granola? We also like to see famous people fail because it gives us a little more confidence in our own endeavors.

This past week, the news cycle has focused on Amazon market share, presidential tweets and rebuttals, and how this will impact Amazon stock. Who cares? It's not relevant. There might be a sticking point to mention here and there, and possibly some issues with distraction, but my view is that this is a personal topic and shouldn't come into play at all as far as Amazon leadership. Obviously, that's not always the case.

Meanwhile, the personal issues of a CEO like Travis Kalanick from Uber, since replace, do make an impact because some of them occurred while he was on the job and impacted his leadership. I'm not sure that applies here.

We are too quick to use the phrase "disgraced leader" in situations like this, despite what the more questionable websites claim. All we really know about the situation is what Bezos posted on his personal Twitter page, stating that he is getting a divorce. That's it. None of the hype machine sites have talked to him personally, of course.

Everything else you read is speculation, and of course that is what the news has become -- opinion and speculation. However, when it comes to the most famous entrepreneurs around, what they do in their spare time apart from the company they lead is none of our business. My view--we should leave them alone. Case closed.