Snap, the company that runs SnapChat, is in serious trouble.

First, they released a major redesign that led to a petition to bring back the old one. Users are not happy about the changes to their familiar messaging app.

Now the most important celebrity influencer ever has dissed the app.

Wondering to her followers if anyone really bothers to send snaps anymore.

That sound you hear is the stony silence of death stares from SnapChat loving young adults. Also, the drop in stock price making a whooshing sound like Lindsey Vonn in a downhill race. This is going to get nasty.

Here's the full tweet:

The A-lister commands a massive audience of nearly 25 million followers. She tweets, people listen and respond. I'm not kidding when I say it is entirely possible millions of people noticed she dissed SnapChat and deleted the app right there and then.

Snap stock dropped almost 8 percent, or about $1.3 billion in market value, mostly due to the pushback on the design and Jenner's tweet. (She later backtracked a little.)

What's really happening?

One word for you.


It's taking over the world, one user at a time. One quick peek at the stats and you see the exact opposite trend of that downhill slope. In January of 2013, there were only 80 million users. In December of 2016, there were 600 million. Today, there are at least 800 million.

SnapChat was cumbersome to use before the re-design, and the new professional look is actually much easier to use but a little too much like Facebook.

One reason SnapChat seemed different is that the design was goofy and odd. You swiped on things in all directions, without any rhyme or reason, and you had to learn the paradigm (or have someone show you). It was like a fraternity or a cult.

And yet, it isn't that SnapChat is broken. It's that social media is extremely trend-oriented. These are not apps we use to do our taxes. SnapChat is a a simple way to show friends what you're doing in life, and Instagram has encroached on that concept.

Instagram also taps into a fuel that SnapChat can't quite match--influencers who set the trends. In talking to several Instagram users under 20, they keep saying they don't even post anything at all. They follow influencers, almost like purely visual version of following a Twitter feed. Some don't even both adding friends. While both apps obviously reward users with instant feedback, Instagram is the app everyone's using to browse for trends while you're waiting at the mall to buy some cookie dough.

Is this the beginning of the end for the most misunderstood app ever? Could be.

Published on: Feb 22, 2018
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