In case you missed the news, doctors have finally admitted that medication is probably not the answer for back pain. The second-leading reason people go to the doctor behind the common cold is not a trivial concern--the pain is real--but the solution, according to news reports, is using a heat pack and getting more exercise, not taking more pills.

Of course, as ergonomics experts have been telling us for years, another way to address the problem of back pain while you work is to avoid sitting all day and slouching. It's a way to prevent the pain from developing. These products all offer a solution, one that will likely reduce or even alleviate common back pain problems.

The gentle vibration you feel from this device is not exactly a jolt. When I've tried it, the buzz is more like what you feel in your pocket when you get a text. The device attaches to your shirt or collar; it also tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned.

I know this one works from personal experience. You stand on the board, almost like a skateboard but much easier, at a standing desk or a counter. It's made from recycled materials and it's 24-inches long. Your weight shifts slightly, which helps with posture.

My favorite feature on this award-winning chair is the new headrest. It adjusts for your neck length and head size so you sit properly. One perk: The lean-back mode means you can use a tablet or phone and stretch your back during a meeting or at your desk.

This product, which I tested at CES 2017, uses an app to show your posture. If you're leaning forward too much, you can adjust posture. It's a company from the Ukraine and they are about to start a Kickstarter campaign, so it's one to keep an eye on this year.

New research about sit-stand desks, conducted at the University of Queensland in Australia, suggests that standing is good for your brain, stress level, and productivity. It's also good for your back, because standing is a more natural position for humans than sitting hunched over all day. This 60-inch desk has plenty of room for more gadgets.