Your job title says a lot about you.

Sadly, many of us use titles that sound like we're boring or not that creative. HR manager? Really? There must be a better way. Here are a few creative options.

1. Chief people officer

What does this job entail? Who cares? It sounds awesome. It's the name for the HR officer at  Opportunity Network, a company that links CEOs to financial institutions.

2. Culture operations manager

Here's another HR-related title, this one from When I Work. The scheduling app helps managers know when employees are at work.

3. Chief robot whisperer

This is a title from the startup Savioke, a company that provides robots to the service industry. It's an apt description because it relays a sense of wonder and excitement.

4. Director of bean-counting

The creative agency Bidlack in Ann Arbor, Michigan, uses this title for the main accountant. It's a nod to the fact that the role tends to be meticulous (in a good way).

5. Software ninjaneer

At a startup called TSheets, they don't mess around with boring titles. This one nails it because, in many ways, software development is a mysterious and ancient art form.

6. Director of first impressions

At publishing house Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the receptionist has this title. It's perfect because it is exactly this person's role at the company.

7. Digital overlord

If you have ever worked on a website, you know this term is fitting for the role. They use it at Composites Media, a company that works in the engineering field.

8. Director of storytelling

This role creates social media campaigns and strategies for companies. They use it at  Eyespeak, a website development company.

9. Money maestro

At  Delivering Happiness, this is the title for the accounting manager. It is definitely a role of orchestration, especially with pay scales, budgets, and expenses.

10. Wizard of light bulb moments

This title, popular on LinkedIn, describes the role of a marketing director. It works because, in a pure sense, marketing is the act of inspiring people to action.