You can't take the office with you. Or can you? In a recent test of the 2015 Infiniti Q70L business sedan, driving all around an urban area for a week and on a daily commute, the roomy size made for an appealing transport vehicle, especially to those along for the ride.

The 70L is the "long" wheelbase version of the Q70 sedan and adds an extra 5.9 inches in total length to the already spacious business-friendly car. The Q70L has a sleek, sporty look with a slightly bulbous front end. As you drive, you look out over the hood and can just see those bulges enough to know you are in a bigger, more luxurious four-door passenger car. Interestingly, those in the back reported that they had the leg room you might find in a larger SUV or one of those limousine-like cars (such as the Bentley Flying Spur, which is really meant for rear-seat transport).

The passengers in the 70L also have reading lamps, heated seats, and a normal power outlet you can use to charge gadgets or even a laptop. not that you will actually want to sit in the back that often, but it's a great ride for those who are commuting with you or that you want to impress. Near the driver, there's a dial you turn to use sport mode, and the 70L has some punch that helps you merge into traffic on the way to work or punch it on the open road.

The Infiniti 70L starts at $51,350 but there are multiple versions available including those with a 3.7-liter engine and all-wheel drive or a bigger 5.6-liter. In that version, which has the most power, you can feel the car push you back in your seat. It's a bit like driving a track car that also happens to have leather seats and a surround-sound stereo.

Other accents make the 70L a car to consider for those in business. The new LED headlights shined so bright at night it was like having a floodlight draped over the road. They level out automatically with the roadway to maintain a consistent beacon. (For the auto-leveling, you need to add the Technology Package.) The test car I drove also had a feature that warned me when i left the lane of a highway by accident, which is the cause of so many accidents. An add-on controls the steering for you and keeps you in the lane.

Why purchase this car? The main reason is the larger size, which turned out to be impressive enough to make at least a few bystanders ask me if it was a BMW or some other German brand (Infiniti is actual made in Japan). Interestingly, I never had to buy any gas during the week-long test. Even at this size, the 70L gets about 26 miles per gallon on the highway. You can enjoy the spirited driving, punchy acceleration, but not have to put up with poor fuel economy so common in larger luxury sedans.