Promotional videos can be duller than Al Gore at a government tax summit. Apparently, these companies did not get the memo about sticking to the facts. They made a funny viral video that is more about entertainment--and maybe remembering the company name.

This data management company based in Minneapolis plays off the Minnesota Nice angle.

2. Poli Sippy Cup

I can relate to this dad trying to figure out how to put together a sippy cup.

3. Aromas

I am not sure if this one is laugh-out-loud funny, but it is well produced and has a heavy dose of sarcasm.

4. Pwnie Express

Mainly funny because of the setting and the side characters.

5. Poo~Pourri Toilet Deodorizers

This is one of the strangest holiday videos ever made.

6. Bedford Slims

Here's one that is hilarious right from the start.

7. Get Final

The guy is this video looks strikingly familiar to the actor in one of the other winners.

8. Heard app

This one is just bizarre enough to get your attention.

9. Signs N Bacon

It's always fun to riff off someone who thinks he has the only good ideas.

10. Nucleus Wireless Video Intercom

I like the cut to the little girl playing electric guitar...

11. Nicer Foods

This is the worst Christopher Walken impression ever, which also makes it the best.

12. Ownzones

I mainly think this is funny because I hate pop-up ads so much.

13. Ticketleap

Make it short and play off an Internet meme.

14. Congrats

This promo video is just odd enough to keep you watching.

15. Goods of Record

This promo video for a company that curates products for men gets funny halfway through.

16. TheSquareFoot

The actor in this video just seems to have a funny expression.

17. Navdy

My favorite part is when his mom calls. Same guy in the Get Final video, right?

18. Rest

Do any of these kid "founders" remind you of you?


Published on: Nov 26, 2014
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