Whether it's for a company party or your own enjoyment as an entrepreneur who works hard, a foodie product can lift your spirits and add a touch of class. Here are my top picks ever since starting this online column 10 years ago!

Topping my list is a foodie item that really has no right to taste this good. It's not like the box dinner you might be familiar with, but a delicatessen blend like no other.

When I first wrote about Texas Tamale many years ago, they had not expanded beyond a local shop. Now I see them in my local grocery store. They are the best tamales I've tried.

The best treat I recall from doing some holiday round-ups, the Mrs Prindables caramel apples are my top pick. This jumbo-sized version is the best of the lot as well.

Toffee is hard to make just right, with an ideal blend of crunchy-ness and flavor. My favorite by far is from a company called B. Toffee; they ship boxes in three different sizes.

There's something special about this company, too. They send an eclectic batch of fruit including some I had never tried before, such as a few unusual mangos and pears.

What stood out to me when I tested these cookies is that they are unusually soft and luscious--not a hard cookie. The frosting is amazing as well.

What's so amazing about Shari's Berries is that they offer a perfect blend of chocolate and strawberry, so they are not too sweet but not too fruity.

Omaha Steaks has a unique ability to deliver steaks and meats right on time, always packaged perfectly. These T-Bone steaks are the best I've tried (even compared to restaurants).

I've tested quite a few beef jerky products over the years, but this one is my favorite. It tastes like someone just used a dehydrator in your home using fresh, quality steak.

I still remember how fresh these donuts tasted, even though they are sent using the Goldbelly service (but Stan's preps and ships the food so it is fresh). Flavors like Lemon Pistachio are weirdly fun.

An awesomely delicious product, these crab legs are sent in a styrofoam container. There are four pounds of crab legs, so it's perfect for a party.

This company offers eclectic flavors like strawberry cheesecake and it's all safe to eat (unlike the cookie dough you might make at home with eggs).

Not every company can ship seafood packaged in a way that it arrives in prime condition. I recall the entire ordering process was smooth and professional, and the crab--perfect.

Soft and gooey, just the way they should be. My favorite cookie company, I remember heating up Mr. Nelson's in a microwave. I also remember the packaging was a step above.

All I remember about this pie when I tried it for another article was the size. It's massive, and tasted scrumptious like a home-baked pie (because it is).