As summer gets into full swing, it might be tempting to stick with the apparel you used last spring. Meetings tend to run long, projects become more critical. Recently, I came across a few high-tech clothing products that are worth looking into if you need a wardrobe boost this summer. I tested them at the office and on multiple bike commutes.

1. Stio Werner Shirt SS ($99)

This comfortable short-sleeve shirt uses a blend of cotton, linen, and polyester to make sure the material is breathable but keeps you warm. Helps you blend-in perfectly at a startup.

2. Public Rec Workday Pants ($108)

My favorite high-tech pants right now, the Public Rec Workday uses a stretchy, comfortable material that's ideal for serious productivity work in the office. 

3. Toad & Co. Mattock II Long Sleeve Slim Shirt ($80)

The interesting note on this long-sleeve shirt is that the dye used to make it won't pollute rivers, which makes for a cool conversation starter. It's made from organic cotton.

4. The North Face Thermoball Vest ($149)

The key feature on this all-season vest is the filling, which is ultralight but also stays dry. The vest is perfect for days when it's cold in the morning but you need breathability after work.

5. Patagonia Trail Harbor Polo ($69)

Another highly breathable high-tech shirt that lasts longer than most, the Patagonia Trail Harbor Polo has a young, trendy look for professional office settings.

6. Eddie Bauer Ventratrex Long Sleeve Shirt ($49)

This shirt uses a fine polyester mesh material that is breathable, comfortable, and yet doesn't feel stiff or rough to the touch. The material is also stretchy enough for morning bike commutes.