I watched it all the way through and I still have no idea what it means.

DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) released an ad today that shows a young adult -- we didn't call them Millennials until just recently -- pining for the sports car. He flips a coin. That's it. Here is the ad to check out yourself:

The ad gets your attention because it seems like something is happening, which is exactly the point. Something is happening...at some point, in the near future, we hope. It is all about building momentum and interest.

And, it's legal. In case you haven't heard of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, it should be on your radar. Essentially, it means the iconic brand made famous by the Back to the Future movies, which went dead in 1982, is making a comeback of sorts. They produced only about 9,000 cars back in the day, but a "new" version could hit production by next year. Fingers crossed.

Congress enacted the bill late last year, just in time before 2015 ended, and the new DMC (which is really just another company that bought the branding) is pouncing on the opportunity. I say "new" version of the stainless steel car which has a V8 engine because it's the same design. The company uses the tagline "relive the dream" and I swear about 90% of the goal is to get people excited.

It's working.

Google Trends notes that searches for anything related to the DeLorean, including the model name DMC-12 and the inventor, John DeLorean, are all "breakout" search terms. Heck, even misspelled versions are getting traction. DMC-12 has seen a 160% increase recently. Today, the ad will spark even more interest.

What's the lesson here?

There are certain brands that stick around in culture. It helps that the Back to the Future sequel took place in 2015 and managed to nail a few predictions. It also helps that a car with a V8 engine is a bit of a relic these days.

It might have been good for the environment and all, but when Ford released a Mustang recently that has four-cylinder engine, you could hear the collective sigh of middle-aged car collectors all over the planet.

I want to buy one. Or at least test it for an afternoon.