How do we find digital information these days?

I don't mean how do we search for it--that's easy since we can punch up Google or YouTube at any time. Rather, how do we actually find what is interesting, appealing, or worthwhile? What do we use to find a needle in a haystack?

I tend to use Flipboard and Apple News each day, but it still feels like I am missing out on the best video shorts, books that will inspire me the most, and the best TED talks.

I could switch over to every single day and see if there is anything new, but who has the time?

A few months ago, I finally watched a video about how to be happy at work. It's a gamechanger, because (spoiler alert), the secret is to choose happiness now rather than pursuing success constantly and thinking happiness is a goal later on.

Here it is:

In the video, the psychologist Shawn Achor talks really fast and inserts a few jokes, but the reason I like this TED talk so much is that he makes an incredibly powerful point about work: It's not about the pursuit.

When we set aside all of the goals, we embrace the here and now.

Achor talks about how journaling one positive thing per day and doing random acts of kindness can make you feel happier. He talks about how happiness releases dopamine in our brains and makes us learned easier and faster. In short, it hits every sweet spot.

Curiously, I am not sure if too many people have watched this video.

On YouTube, it has just under three million views, but some TED talks have more like 30 or 40 million. One of the most-watched videos has over 45 million views. Here's that one:

The lesson for me? Excellence isn't always easy to find. Game-changing ideas can be hidden. And, the best is not always listed first in the search results.

What's your favorite? Post the link on my Twitter feed.