Need to surprise your employees this week? Hosting a Halloween party at work and need some "favors" to hand out to attendees? Order one of these confections with a Halloween theme. Most of these products made by small businesses are available in a bulk order.

These baked goods will arrive just in time for the ghoul-fest this Friday. The buttercream frosted cookies are individually wrapped. Gift packs include shortbread, monster cookies, chocolate, and many other items in gift-box packaging starting at around $25.

What I like best about Sugarwish is that you have all of the control. Using the Web app, you can select which candy you want to send, and the package arrives in a gift box. The packages are sold in a one-pound (for $25), two-pound, or four-pound box set.

Presentation is everything, and the B. Toffee line comes in a see-through box to reveal the goodies inside. There's a 9-ounce (for $20) and 1-pound size. The toffee derives from a secret recipe that uses a mix of fine Guittard and Callebaut chocolates and pecans.

The term "genetically pure cocoa" might not mean anything to you right now, but it will to your employees. Madecasse (makers of chocolate on the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa) uses this cocoa in fine dark chocolate bars. The Salted Almond bar is brand new and made with sea salt.

This LA-based retailer makes macarons, available in a 12-pack, with a Halloween theme. There's one made from candy corn and another that's dipped in an Almond Joy bar. A macaron is a French delicacy made with egg whites and a light frosting.

This membership club delivers a box of unique candy each month, including gummy bears, salt water taffy, and jelly beans. The subscription service is cheaper if you pay for the 12-month at $18 per month for the year. My idea? Get a sub for each employee.

This company based in Niles, Illinois, makes handmade caramel apples and ships them out in colorful gift boxes. The Halloween-themed jumbo apples cost $30 but are worth every penny. They also offer other smaller sizes and gift packs.

Ice cream might not seem like the first choice for Halloween gifts, but this four-pack comes in four Halloween-themed flavors like Spooky Scoops and Trick Treats. The company can personalize the gift orders with a company logo, name, or phrase.