Even the best podcaster in the world only has 24 hours in a day.

When you understand there is a level playing field when it comes to your investment in time, you suddenly start looking at the gear you need to make a podcast a little differently.

That's why there is one piece of gear I've found that makes the job easier, mostly because it's mobile and works with my iPhone (or an iPad). When you need to record a podcast, you don't need to bother using a studio with a desk and a comfy chair. Quite honestly, the podcasters who start out only in a "studio" often end up abandoning the idea because it's too hard to get into that studio (and it's too hard to get people to visit you in the studio).

One piece of gear can change how you make podcasts. I've used the Blue Microphones Raspberry to make podcasts, and the main reason I like it is pretty simple. It weighs just over a pound. That means, I can bring the microphone with me in a laptop bag or when I travel. And, it works wonders. You can connect it to your iPhone using the built-in lightning cable, which means you don't need to bring any other cables. Or really anything else at all.

The Raspberry is nice because it records in 24-bit, which is higher fidelity than most. There are easy controls for mic mute, volume control, and leveling.

This is the "secret" to podcasting over a long period of time, and it ties right into the concept of producing consistent quality as a branding effort on social media. Podcasting has a bad name. It's a bit like those intense workout sessions. People start them and get excited about progress, but after a few months, it's too hard to maintain that level of intensity. Technology has to be enabling to be effective. To make a podcast for the next five years, don't bother with a ton of fancy gear. Make sure you always have a portable and high-quality microphone with you, and record when and where you can. Avoid the trap of only making a podcast when you are in a studio or have guests. Make a podcast at airports, and bus terminals, and in hotels.

I usually say the same thing to people who want to become professional writers. The best advice to give is this--just start writing. Create a blog, and then write a post every day for the next year. Suddenly, you will have a following. You will become a better writer. With podcasting, it's a similar concept. Just do it. Grab the microphone you need and stuff it in a laptop bag. Now, when you feel the urge to talk about a topic or meet someone who has enlightening viewpoints, go ahead and make the podcast. The recorded audio you make on the road once or twice per week is far better than the one "professional" podcast you make in a studio once per month.

There's science behind this. People abandon things that are hard. It's human nature. We're conditioned to give up on things when we don't have all of the tools and apps we need, or when the circumstances are not perfectly suited to our busy lifestyle. So, make it easier. Have a microphone ready at all times and you will become a better podcaster.

If you start a podcast, send it to me. I want to hear when you create.

Published on: Jul 31, 2017
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