Decked out in a suit for a business meeting doesn't work anymore.

It's stuffy and off-putting. For those heading out to San Francisco or a tech conference in Las Vegas, these comfortable and style-aware products have technical features (you could use them in a workout) but help you fit in even if you're discussing a multi-million dollar office expansion or that new selfie app.

This blazer looks like you'd fit in at an investor confab, but it's incredibly light and comfortable. Wearing one feels more like you might go sailing or even jog on the beach. It uses a spandex outer shell and uses moisture wicking to keep you from sweating through the meeting.

If you're not familiar with this brand, know this--these all leather dress shoes feel like you are wearing sneakers. They are comfortable enough that you'll wear them long after the work day ends. Unlike running shoes, the interior lining is made of a plush glove leather.

Like the travel shoes I mentioned, these flexible pants have a decided business look but they're comfortable and made from a stretchy and soft material. Bluffworks calls them "technical" pants which is a buzzword for being able to go for a run or do a workout in them.

The material used for this blouse is called "modal" which is softer and more wrinkle-free than cotton. Buttons on the sleeves let you roll them up for a more casual look. The look serves double-duty, helping you look trendy enough for the office or the workout room.

Don't think of this "parka" as something you'd wear on an Alaskan expedition. It's made from a custom blend of materials; a drawstring on the hoodie gives you a mysterious look. It's decidedly unique in the cut and has the added benefit of keeping you warm on fall days.

For travel, this pullover uses a strong Tencel-poly blend material (made from regenerated wood cellulose) that makes it smooth and comfortable. There's a pocket in front, thumbholes for keeping the sleeves stretched out, yet it has a trim business-casual look.

Hunting boots on a business travel trip? Yes, if they are trendy and this comfortable to wear all day. There's also a story behind these boots -- lineman used them to climb electrical poles. They're made from hand-finished full-grade leather; the memory foam footbed cushions your step.

This multi-colored short-sleeve shirt is the one you want to fit in with the Millennial crowd. It's unique in that it has a unique checkered look, but also provides protection from the sun (at a 50+ UPF rating) and uses a poly-yarn blend for warmth in the coming fall season.