I'm a big fan of Mark Cuban's. He's a savvy business leader and has smart ideas. There's a reason so many people follow his advice. I also like how much he supports his NBA team from the sidelines, jumping up and down like their No. 1 cheerleader. That's a good model for leadership for anyone in business: realizing that your primary job is to inspire and motivate. Also, he's the best Shark, hands down.

As for his political aspirations? I'm not so sure.

I'm in an odd position here, because I don't usually comment about politics. As a journalist, I'd rather not take sides or reveal any of my own political opinions. I want to be unbiased. If I'm only interested in one side, it makes it much harder to cover controversial topics.

However, I did take a stand on Donald Trump and how I see him as more of a dictator than a leader. I won't say the same thing about Mark Cuban, but I will say he seems to have very little political experience. Recent reports suggest that he is interested in eventually running for office, that he might meet with Hillary Clinton to discuss serving as her running mate, and that he is also open to the idea of being a vice presidential candidate alongside Trump. He's recently stated that he could fit within either campaign if Clinton and Trump move closer to center.

But that's not the real reason I have an issue with Cuban running for office. Trump has already proved that political experience isn't as important as we once thought. My issue is that the entrepreneurial market needs Cuban to stay where he is. Though he would add some insight to the political spectrum and become a major advocate for the startup sector, this idea of jumping over to politics and still maintaining your position within the business realm seems ludicrous. There's a reason President Obama now has gray hair, other than his age after eight years in office. There's a reason Trump has stated many times that his kids are running his business interests. You can't become the vice president of the United States and moonlight as a Shark and still stand on the sidelines at a Dallas Mavericks game, or mentor young companies, or pick investment opportunities. You'd have a day job.

It's surprising how many emails I receive on a weekly basis from entrepreneurs who say flat out that they started a company thanks to Cuban, whether because they received his direct advice, appeared on Shark Tank, got investment money from him, or were just inspired by his track record. I'd be willing to share some of these emails if it would impact his plans. There are few true oracles in the startup world, and if Cuban does decide to run, he will leave a gaping void. In fact, there are two scenarios here. If he leaves for office, either the business world suffers without his influence, or he attempts to maintain his business interests and the vice presidency suffers (or at least the campaign of the losing candidate who picked him to run).

Is any of this even a possibility?

From what I've seen, there are always early rumblings like this before major decisions come to light. I would not be surprised if Trump picked him. They do tend to match up in terms of their strongly held opinions. Trump is not going to pick a wimp. For Clinton, it would be an interesting pick as well, because she could use the support of the business community and Cuban has at least some views that match up with hers.

What's your view? Where do you stand on Vice President Cuban? Post in comments.