We learn our Myer-Briggs personality type to see what our strengths are and how we process things. The same goes for your business travel personality type. While it's not as widely discussed as Myer-Briggs, knowing what type of business traveler you are can also help you navigate through your strengths and weaknesses.

By knowing your travel personality type, you can make your business travels less stressful and more focused. I know that once I figured out what kind of traveler I am (worrier turned veteran), I was able to ease my worries. Read on to learn more about the different types of business travelers.

The planner.

These travelers leave nothing to chance. From the seats on the plane to the restaurant reservation, they plan out each part of their business trip. They're confident in their plans and find comfort in knowing that they have everything they need waiting for them.

A common problem that planners have is that they sometimes over-plan and can miss out on an opportunity that they might find value in. While planning every minute is a good thing, take some time out and let the day naturally progress on it's on. You might find a break from your constant planning a welcomed relief.

The worrier.

Unlike the planner who's confident in their planning, this traveler spends a lot of their time worrying about if they have everything they need and then triple checking everything. They make sure that they have the flight time right, that their alarm clock is set, that their phone isn't on silent when their alarm clock rings, and that they have enough outfits for every case scenario.

It doesn't end there. Their anxiety usually increases when they get to their destination because there are so many things that can go wrong.

If you identify with this personality type, practice deep breathing to help throughout your journey. Take some time to write down what has you so stressed. Then, find a solution.

For instance, I used to stress about time. To help ease that, I planned later flights and researched transportation to make sure I arrived with at least an hour to spare. I often traveled on weekends, so as to not add more stress about traveling after working hours.

Road weary.

This business traveler has been there and seen that and it no longer impresses them. These frequent travelers are good at what they do, but that doesn't mean they enjoy it. They would rather be home relaxing with their family.

If you identify with this personality type, the best solution is to make the most out of each trip. Find a game that allows you to connect with your loved ones. Perhaps they can lay out a list of places you must visit or items you must collect before going home. It also helps to seek unique places that get you out of your comfort zone.

The veteran.

Similar to the road weary, the veterans have been at this for a long time and faithfully use their loyalty programs. They have a calm demeanor and know the best tips and tricks to have successful, stress-free travels. They can also sometimes live on auto-pilot (I may be guilty of this).

If this is you, get out of your comfort zone and break the habits you've already established. I change my mode of transportation and focus on doing one new thing a month to help break the routine.

The tech-savvy.

This traveler knows what it means to stay in the know. They know about the latest apps and tools to use to maximize efficiency. They prefer to go to places where WiFi is accessible.

Tech-savvy travelers are certainly connected on the internet, but it might be causing them to miss out on some of the joys of business trips and the areas they're traveling to. If you identify with this personality type, take some time away from technology and explore. Go off the grid for a bit.

The procrastinator.

The procrastinator waits until the last minute to book travel, pack, and go over notes. They enjoy the thrill of deadlines and know that they probably should change.

If this sounds like you, plan out your day. Note what you're avoiding and the gratification you get from doing it. Once you've identified what you're getting pleasure out of prolonging, you can work on getting the same effect from doing something productive.

The rookie.

These travelers are nervous and are fairly inexperienced with business travels. However, they find enjoyment out of the whole process. But they tend to make more mistakes.

If you identify with this personality type, talk to the vets and tech-savvy travelers at your company and ask them for their personal tips on what you can do to have a time-efficient trip.