If you've ever had to manage a one-day business trip, you may know that there are certain things you can forgo. There are also certain things you may want to prepare for. You obviously want it to be successful but you also don't want to overthink it.

I've done quite a number of one-day business trips and I can tell you that there are certain things you can and will want to avoid. There are also a few benefits to having such a short business trip, including saving money on accommodation and being able to keep your personal life on track. Here are a few ways to manage business travel like a seasoned pro.

1. Book early flights. 

In order to get the most out of your day and avoid any possible flight delays, try to book the earliest flight out. If you can, avoid flights near 10am as they are usually when connecting flights are departing and may be delayed. 

2. Pack light.

This may come down to personal preference but aim to only bring necessities that you can carry on your person and not have to bother checking in. You don't want to have to wait for any luggage or be rushing to check in luggage when you depart. Since you are only traveling for a day, this should not be a problem.

My go to items to pack for one day of travel include my laptop, my charger, my phone, a power bank, my glasses, contacts, and contact solution, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, a contacts case with one side filled with face wash and the other filled with moisterizer, a few alcohol wipes, a small bottle of wrinkle spray to help remove wrinkles, and a change of clothes. I can usually fit this in a backpack. 

If I'm doing a one-day trip, I tend to wear my business clothes while I travel, including my dress shoes. However, I understand that some people prefer to change. Regardless of what you bring, aim to avoid having to go to the airline's baggage and check-in counter.  

It's worth mentioned that checking the airline's baggage policy beforehand is a good idea. Depending on your airline and the seat class you are in, you may not be able to have a carry-on or access to an overhead bin.  

3. Check-in through the airline's app.

To fully avoid having to go to the airline counter, check-in online. Or if available, download the airline's app and check-in through that. Having the airline's app on your phone is generally a good idea because you will usually be notified of any changes or delays.

4. Use TSA PreCheck or CLEAR to get through security quickly.

This is a given but if you are flying domestically at an airport with PreCheck or CLEAR services and are an approved member, use them. If you are not a member and fly often, consider enrolling in TSA PreCheck, CLEAR, and/or Global Entry (for international flights) to get through security more quickly. Note that some of the best credit cards for international travel include a fee credit that can be used to apply for these services.

5. Eat healthy at the airport or bring healthy snacks.

Eat while waiting to board your flight or have healthy snacks on hand to keep your energy levels up. Avoid caffeine and stick to water to stay hydrated. By eating at the airport, you can save time and maximize the workday by going straight into the office once you arrive. 

6. Use an airport lounge to get work done.

Take advantage of airport lounges to prepare for the day and get some work in. If you don't have access, you can possibly get through using your travel credit card. Alternatively, many lounges work with third parties to give travelers the option to buy a pass.

7. Upgrade your seat.

Depending on how long your flight is, you may want to consider upgrading your seat in order to arrive rested and ready to start the day. Alternatively, you may want an upgraded seat going home to rest and help you get back on schedule quickly. 

There's a good chance that as an entrepreneur, you will have to participate in a short business trip. One of the best ways to make the trip a success is to get onboard with the opportunity. Embrace the chance to shake up your daily routine.

I myself used to find them annoying and stressful. However, by thinking about it as a way to connect on a different level, I've come to love these short trips.

Of course they do get more challenging as my family grows. However, I do enjoy the concise and easy travel compared to having to lug around my belongings while living out of a suitcase.