As Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday start to grow in popularity, one day doesn't seem to get as much attention as it should -- Travel Deal Tuesday. This year, Travel Deal Tuesday lands on December 3, 2019. This savings day first began gaining traction on social media with the #TravelTuesday hastag that featured tips, advice, deals, and other travel related content. In 2017, the media began taking note of the deals that popped up and started documenting the day.

This is a perfect opportunity for business travelers to take advantage and book low fares, especially if there are any group retreats being planned for the upcoming year. Additionally, small business owners may use these sales to book and secure several one-way flights to visit vendors or clients in various regions. Here's what you need to know. 

Why is Travel Deal Tuesday the best day to buy flights?

The travel booking app Hopper analyzes over 25 billion flight and hotel price quotes daily and has seen twice as many sale fares go up on Travel Deal Tuesday compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. They've also reported that 18 sale fares go out per second, double the amount that is usually available. Deals are available across airlines for both domestic and international routes.

Hopper also reported that up to 20 percent of all available flights have been on sale with savings of up to 40 percent off, though there are reports of savings up to 70 percent off. 

When should you look for deals?

According to travel booking app Hopper, deals are offered both the week of Thanksgiving and the few days after, including Cyber Monday and Travel Deal Tuesday. I recommend keeping an eye out during Thanksgiving week and the few days after to see how prices fluctuate.

If you have a destination in mind, set an alert. Sites like  Google Flights, Hopper, and Skyscanner offer flexibility in their search tools as well as ways to get flight alerts. 

Are there other sales for travel, aside from flights?

Yes, it's not just flights that have deals. Over the last few years, we've seen a number of flights as well as hotels, rental vehicles services, and even train travel offer deals during the week of Thanksgiving as well as Cyber Monday.

Because it is only growing in popularity, expect to see vacation packages and educational/sight-seeing tours to also be offered at a sale price. Cruise lines are offering Cyber Week deals. For instance, the Royal Caribbean cruise line is offering a Buy One, Get One 60 percent off deal, which could be great if you're looking for a company retreat.  

Rental cars are also worth checking out. Whether you're looking for cheap car insurance in Austin, Texas or transportation service to your hotel, you'll likely find a deal.

How can you find the best deal?

It's not very glamorous or fun but I've found that the best way to get the most deals is to sign up for newsletters from airlines, hotels, and travel websites. Register at sites like, Conde Nast Traveler, and even my own Johnny Jet are all good places to start. Note that Hopper has also created the site to help you find the best deals. 

By signing up, you'll be in the know when it comes to booking the best deals before they disappear. 

I also highly recommend following travel social media pages, especially Twitter. Looking up hashtags can make sorting through deals easier. Additionally, sign up to be part of their loyalty or frequent flyer programs (which are usually free to join). You may get exclusive emails that you wouldn't get otherwise.

Lastly, do your homework. As I mentioned above, if you have a place in mind, set an alert. Use sites like Google FlightsHipmunk, and FareCompare to set the alert (clicking on those links will show you how - note that you must be signed in to the site to have the tracking option). Check their prices and compare what is being offered across airlines.

Are there any factors you should be aware of?

Some sales are only offered at a certain time (as in the links aren't active until 2pm EST, for instance) so be sure to do a search beforehand if you want to get the best deal. Also, there may be restrictions and/or limitations regarding the purchase, including blackout days or nonrefundable purchases. Be sure to read the fine print and be aware of any conditions that may apply.

I recommend booking travel on a credit card that comes with protections. This way, if there are any cancelations, delays, or problems, you may have a chance at getting back any money. Investing in travel insurance may also be worthwhile, depending on how complicated your trip is.