If you are traveling for business anytime soon, you may be concerned about showing your vaccination status to get into certain places. Whether you're trying to use up some expiring points and miles before the end of the year or are planning a business trip for the future, there's a good chance you'll need to show proof of vaccination at some point. Some cities (such as New York City and San Francisco) and several countries require proof of vaccination status to enter certain establishments, such as restaurants and convention centers.  

Many people are already anxious about traveling, so the following tips can help manage the stress of showing your Covid-19 vaccination status easily and securely. With the recent announcement that fully vaccinated foreign travelers may begin visiting the United States come November 2021, there's a chance that more places will require proof of vaccination. Here are a few ways you can provide proof when needed.

Keep a copy on your phone.

The most accessible place to keep a backup of your vaccine card is by taking a picture of it and storing it on your phone. Uploading a scan of your card to have a higher-quality image is recommended. Keeping a copy uploaded somewhere that you can easily access can make a big difference should the card get damaged or misplaced. 

Also, Apple recently announced that users could download and store their documents into the Health app. Eventually, users will also be able to add their vaccination information to their Apple Wallet, making it easier to show.    

Check where you were vaccinated.

While a national "vaccine passport" isn't likely, several states and cities have created a digital pass via app to show vaccine proof. So far, seven states have an active digital vaccine certification app. Unless you are traveling to a destination that uses the same app or system, such as Smart Health Cards or MyIR Mobile, note that some places may not accept your app.

Places like Hawaii have a website designated for travelers to show proof of vaccination easily. New York City also offers its own app, called NYC Covid Safe, where visitors or residents can upload their vaccine documents. Check your destination for possible digital resources, especially if you will be staying in the region for some time.

Find reliable apps.

There are several apps that you can download that can work as proof of vaccination. You may already use some of these services, like the Clear program, which uses biometrics to get you quickly through security at select airports and other locations. You can use the Clear Health Pass to show proof of vaccination, negative Covid-19 tests, and more. 

Other apps that employers, agencies, and schools use include AirsideVaccineCheck, and VaxYes

Additionally, quite a few major international airlines are teaming up with the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Travel Pass initiative to make the travel experience a bit easier. A few airlines are also using the VeriFly app and CommonPass to make managing your documents more convenient, including your vaccination card and your Covid-19 test results.

If you are traveling abroad, check with the destination country for an app that visitors can use. For now, many nations have different requirements and systems in place. 

Note that, as of the time of publication, there are no universally accepted apps available. While your vaccination card will be the most commonly accepted form of proof when traveling, having and using some of these backup options can provide reassurance in keeping your document safe.