To say Kevin Hart has been successful would be an understatement. Coming from humble beginnings in Philadelphia, the comedian, actor, and producer is now one of the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry.  

Hart's fame and fortune have grown exponentially since his career took off in 2001. Since then, his comedy tours and films have grossed over $3.5 billion, and his social media following is over 140 million on all platforms combined. 

During a recent interview with David Faherty on the Golf Channel, Hart said something we can all learn from,      

"Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work."

He went on to say, "Everybody wants the reward, but nobody asks the question, what has to be done to get there?" 

It's easy to look at his massive success in 2019, but what people should be looking at is his work and journey in the early 2000s that paved the way. In a society that's driven by immediate gratification, it's challenging to recognize the foundation that was created and only see fame and success.   

Most people sit on the sidelines, judging the work of others because they aren't willing to do the work or pay the price required. And they certainly aren't willing to take the risk involved because there is no insurance policy or guarantee on the other side of the work.  For every Kevin Hart, there are thousands of relatively unknown comedians and even more hopeful actors. 

Look at others for inspiration not measurement

It's easy with social media to play the comparison game by measuring your success against the success of someone else. Early in my career, I was guilty of constantly comparing myself to other leaders and authors. I would make assumptions and snap judgments about how much revenue they generated or how many books or tickets they sold. 

It wasn't until I started to look at others in the space as inspiration instead of measurement that I started to gain positive momentum from others.  Each professional is on their own journey, but the common thread for everyone is the hard work it takes to get there.  

Take media Influencer Gary Vaynerchuk for example. He created content for ten years for his wine shop before most people ever heard of him. Or author and speaker Rachel Hollis, she wrote multiple books most people had never heard of before Girl, Wash Your Face. Use the hard work of people like Vaynerchuk, Hollis, and Hart to inspire you to work harder and persevere.  

When you do this you can look into the work of other and find the inspiration. Hart cares about helping others be successful and inspiring each person to live up to their potential. In his book, I Can't Make This Up he wrote, "I don't think people really understand how great they can be; an individual's biggest struggle is their own mind."

Want to achieve more? Want to get healthier? Want to write a book? Want to build a business? Start with the mindset that you are good enough and the reality that it's going to take ten times more effort than you think it's going too. Then decide on the first steps and go for it.