While there are seemingly endless resources available to small-business owners in any given industry today, there are some that naturally stand out in the crowd. But why? The answer is simple. The best resources are those in which business owners take their advice one step further to thoughtfully discuss what motivated them to build their own startup in the first place; these stand head and shoulders above the ones that do not.

While containing the unique experiences of their authors, each of these five books are some of the best at providing authentic advice to small-business leaders that will inspire them to take charge of scaling their startup with greater confidence. The timeless advice these authors provide can help startups advance their business from good to great in no time. 

1. Rare Breed by Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger 

Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger are co-founders of Motto, a consultancy for leadership and branding. While working with companies such as Google, Microsoft, the NFL, and others, Motto has helped each one pinpoint and build their next-gen leaders, referred to as "Rare Breeds." These employees are the ones who have been constantly overlooked, despite their compelling traits. 

While these distinctive traits include being hot-blooded, audacious, obsessed, rebellious, weird, hypnotic, and emotional, that's what makes them invaluable. Igniting the Rare Breeds on your team is an essential milestone on the road to innovation, creating a better reputation for brands, and deconstructing business as we know it. 

2. Bigger & Better: A Playbook for Quickly Scaling Your Small Company With Limited Resources by Esther Kestenbaum Prozan

Esther Kestenbaum Prozan is an example of someone who has a history of scaling small companies into great enterprises. Prozan is a believer in the importance of scaling revenue efficiently, which is an important part of building a small business. 

Having had firsthand successes scaling companies, she wrote Bigger & Better with the purpose of helping others scale their companies. This book gives insights for business owners, providing a range of ways in which scaling their small business can be made possible in a resource-limited manner. Sample topics include how to avoid diluting business ownership and using radical generosity to build relationships. Any small business needs actionable, real-world solutions to grow quickly. Bigger & Better provides exactly that and should absolutely be on business owners' reading lists when looking to scale a company. 

3. She Made It: The Toolkit for Female Founders in the Digital Age by Angelica Malin

Angelica Malin shares her latest insights with female founders on what she has learned throughout her career as a woman in business. From finding voice to homing in on personal branding to managing stress, She Made It is a resourceful book that can provide any startup with practical advice on how to overcome challenges and persist onward to success.

Malin is the founder of #SheStartedItLIVE, a festival of female empowerment, and editor-in-chief at About Time Magazine, a lifestyle-focused blog in the U.K. With her experience, it is no surprise her book is a good resource for small-business owners. 

4. Startup CXO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Company's Critical Functions and Teams by Matt Blumberg 

Matt Blumberg is the CEO and founder of Bolster, a company that focuses on connecting executives with companies. Startup CXO offers a unique perspective on how businesses as a whole can scale by first scaling each of the functions within the team. 

Using his firsthand experience by means of trial and error, Blumberg wrote Startup CXO to guide department leaders in how each of their functions can grow, what to expect, and what could go wrong. By offering a thorough understanding of individual function growth, as well as knowledge on how to harmoniously work with other roles, this book makes scaling a business as precise as clockwork.  

5. TeamWork by Natalie Dawson

Natalie Dawson, an expert at building scalable teams, says that no matter what someone's business does, their success depends on their own ability to manage and develop the people who work for them. 

In her new book, TeamWork, Dawson maps out all the strategies she has used with thousands of businesses as a partner at Cardone Ventures with a goal of hiring, scaling, and growing their businesses effectively. 

Look to Experience

As each of these books detail a different perspective of the process to scale a company, all of them provide something worthwhile: authentic advice from real individuals who accomplished this very goal. When deciding to share their insider knowledge of scaling a company, it is clear that the authors of these five books had small-business leaders in mind. 

In addition to teaching the how-tos of scaling a business successfully, it's just as well that these books teach business owners to understand what did not work so they can avoid making the same mistakes. With all of their original viewpoints on how to reach a common goal, these books provide invaluable answers to the assortment of difficulties small-business owners might encounter.