Entrepreneurs are busy. When they're not client-facing, a potpourri of logistical demands obstructs the day's work. This package has to reach the customer by Thursday. That newsletter needs to reach its audience by the end of the day. These tweets must greet our customers when they're having their morning coffee, noontime lunch, and evening beer.

No single business owner can effectively manage each and every one of these responsibilities on their own. So don't waste human power on easily automated tasks. These systems provide the software heft to get the job done:

Content Management

HubSpot has long dominated the inbound space as an automation platform, content management platform, and an educator. There isn't a service that this platform doesn't offer, and to top it off, the HubSpot Academy provides certification in all things inbound marketing.

WordPress is more commonly known for its blogging and personal website interface, yet small business owners could profit greatly from developing an understanding of this platform. Why? It's free, and its suite of plug-ins provides the content management system necessary to work inbound on a budget.

Customer Relationship Management

Infusionsoft helps small businesses thrive in sales and marketing, including a platform to offering contact management, sales and marketing automation. Their extensive list of products, services, and local partners are focused on simplifying processes so that entrepreneurs can spend more time doing what they love.

Communication Automation

Zapier weaves the apps that run your business into a workflow, automating tedium and maximizing data. Furthermore, the company just released Multi-Step Zaps, an extension of prior services that automates "chains of events" across more than 500 business apps without requiring any code, IT, or API know-how.

BuzzStream simplifies influencer networking for small business owners. In the age of guest-posting, cross-linking, and content marketing, this utility is crucial for entrepreneurs who don't have the budget to attend large conferences or the interest in attending cocktail parties.

Social Media

Sprout Social streamlines and enhances the dialogue between brands and their customers. Whether you're publishing to social platforms, tracking analytics, or communicating across departments to address client concerns, Sprout Social provides the tools to do so.

Socedo proves that lead generation doesn't always stem from a blog post or a phone call. This software qualifies leads through social platforms, supplying you with potential contacts and automating your engagement with them.

Customer Service

The Sales Autopilot team believes that integration is the name of the game. With automated messaging across devices and APIs, small businesses can use Sales Autopilot to effectively target and communicate with prospects and preexisting clients.


The more you sell, the healthier your business will be--but delivery can complicate things. ShipStation streamlines the shipping process for small businesses, offering rapid setup and automation tailored to your products and procedures.


99designs offers brands design options that can be incredibly expensive on the freelance market. From brand identity to car wraps, this software allows Microsoft Excel aficionados to remain calm when trying to select a color scheme.

Data Automation

"Data-driven" business and "coding expertise" aren't one in the same. Once your business has expanded beyond spreadsheets, Openprise consolidates and organizes reams of data for simple processing by small business owners.

One human can't run a rapidly growing business alone. This isn't a charge against one's capabilities; it's a simple acknowledgment of time's limitations. By automating internal operations and external outreach, entrepreneurs are freed up to continue knocking on doors and attracting prospects. These software options provide that automation and more.