We're a generous nation and new giving methods can make donating to charities easier for young adults. For some people, it's the cause that counts. For many others, the tax breaks certainly factor into the giving equation.

As entrepreneurs, you need to know what impacts your bottom line - always. Here are a few tips on what counts and what doesn't as you prepare for this year's tax season.

Contributions made to individuals to help with medical expenses, funeral costs or other Go Fund Me activities are not deductible. The IRS also won't give you a tax break for contributions to political parties, for-profit schools and hospitals, or to foreign governments.

You may love to volunteer in your community--another good way to give back - but you can't take a deduction for it. Assigning a value for your service time doesn't fly with the IRS.

You can, however, claim mileage and expenses for volunteer work if you keep records at the time you did the driving, or shortly thereafter. Your records should show the purpose of each trip and either your actual costs or your mileage; depending on which method you're using to claim your expenses.

Here are some other ways to give from the heart, but it will not give you a tax break:

  • Credit Card Rewards--Depending upon the credit card company, you may be able to use your rewards for a good cause. Donating points and perks can be a great gesture; just don't expect any thanks from the IRS.
  • Play a Game - Who ever thought you would be able to play games for a good cause? Sites like Freerice.com donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme for each correct answer. It's funded by advertising sponsors, and won't cost you a dime or, unfortunately, save you a dime on your taxes.
  • Browsing for Donations--Some apps and search engines, like GoodSearch.com, Browseforacause.com, TabforaCause.org, will donate anywhere from a fraction of a penny to a fraction of your purchase price to charities. Many of these organizations support valuable causes likehunger relief, safe drinking water and sanitation for developing countries. This can leave an important global impact. Still, don't expect a tax break from Uncle Sam.

Think of it this way - anytime you give to an online organization that gives to other charities, that organization gets the deduction, you don't. There may be exceptions for designated giving, which goes directly to a charitable cause.

This probably goes without saying, but those bingo losses at church are not deductible. Yes, some people have tried to write that off.

Giving is good. Creative donation sites and apps now abound, but if tax deductions matter to you in your overall financial plan, check with your tax pro to see what counts and what doesn't.

In the meantime, keep giving and enjoy the journey!