Every minute of every day in 2017, The Weather Channel provides a forecast 18 million times. Netflix customers watch 69,000 hours of video. YouTube users watch 4.1 million videos, and Giphy serves up almost 700,000 GIFs for the world to enjoy.

It's not all flowers and chuckles, however.

Every minute, spammers press send on 103 million spam emails.

Today Domo, the marketing data company, released its fifth annual Data Never Sleeps infographic, showing what 3.7 billion people on the modern internet are doing every single minute.

Mostly, they're generating and consuming an absolute deluge of data.

Americans alone use over 2.6 million gigabytes of data every single minute of every single day, as Google provides answers to 3.6 million searches and Wikipedia editors publish 600 new changes on the world's most popular encyclopedia.

A lot of the data is social, as you'd expect. Every minute, we collectively publish:

  • 527,760 Snapchat photos
  • 456,000 Twitter tweets
  • 46,740 Instagram pictures
  • 74,330 Tumblr posts

But as the internet entangles itself tighter and tighter into our lives via mobile technology, smart homes, and smart cars, there's also a lot of real-world non-digital impact.

Uber customers take 45,787 trips each minute: a shocking number. Amazon makes $258,751 in sales, further displacing traditional retail. And Venmo processes $51,892 in person-to-person payments, as we settle bar tabs, pay for gas, or split the bill at the restaurant.

And this is just the beginning.

Only 3.7 billion of the world's 7.5 billion people are online. And many of the 3.7 billion people are only marginally connected via low-speed mobile networks. And we have barely even started the massive data explosion that augmented reality will bring into our lives via video and data that is enhanced, edited, and filtered for information and entertainment.

Expect these numbers to 10X over the next few years.

Here's the full graphic from Domo: