Millennials don't shop like their parents.

In the dim mists of time, we went to a store, bought a gift, and brought it home. That's changed with e-commerce, of course, and I've talked about that before: Taps, Clicks, Bricks: How Retail is Changing in America.

But millennials are bringing it to a new level, according to a new study released today by Oath (the former AOL and Yahoo which is now owned by Verizon).

  • Webrooming
    While a third of boomers "webroom," or research online to buy in-store, 40 percent of millennials do that. Gen X? Only slightly more than boomers.
  • Click & collect
    Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials are pretty even here: buying online and picking up the product in-store.
  • Showrooming
    While Boomers barely ever check out a product in real life but then buy it online, Millennials do it 30 percent of the time.
  • Click2ship
    Boomers and Gen Xer's rarely do this as well: seeing a product in-store and ordering it via mobile to be delivered. But 27 percent of Millennials do it.
  • Scanswapping
    This is the one that's most annoying to bricks-and-mortar retailers: seeing and scanning a product in-store but then buying it from another retailer. Millennials do this 23 percent of the time, compared to 13 percent for Boomers and 17 percent for Gen Xers.

Millennials are also twice as likely to use their phones to research gifts for the holiday season, Oath says, and almost 4X more likely to actually buy right from their phone. 

Overall, however, all consumers are getting more mobile-focused.

71 percent of us compare prices, 69 percent of us research products, and 61 percent of us talk to friends and family about gift ideas via our mobile devices. Which makes sense, of course: mobile is the "three-foot device," the most personal of computers.

And ultimately, we're using it for almost everything.

The full report is  available here.