Where are the most $100K jobs in America?

Well, if you guess San Francisco, thanks to techies and startups, you'd be right. But New York with its finance jobs -- and a growing tech sector -- is just behind the west coast city.

And a number of them might surprise you.

Here are the top 15 cities in America for $100K jobs, according to high-end employment site Ladders:

  1. San Francisco, CA - Jobs available: 25,116
  2. New York, NY - Jobs available: 22,648
  3. Washington, DC - Jobs available: 17,274
  4. Boston, MA - Jobs available: 12,399
  5. Los Angeles, CA - Jobs available: 12,003
  6. Chicago, IL - Jobs available: 10,790
  7. Seattle, WA - Jobs available: 8,082
  8. Dallas, TX - Jobs available: 7,974
  9. Atlanta, GA - Jobs available: 7,724
  10. Philadelphia, PA - Jobs available: 7,495
  11. Denver, CO - Jobs available: 5,760
  12. Minneapolis, MN - Jobs available: 5,153
  13. Houston, TX - Jobs available: 4,682
  14. Baltimore, MD - Jobs available: 4,381
  15. Phoenix, AZ - Jobs available: 4,061

I personally would not have guessed that DC was third, although perhaps I should have known, since it's a place that both Amazon and Apple are considering for secondary head offices.

I asked Jordan Cohen, VP of Marketing at Ladders, about the list.

Any surprises in those top 15 cities?

Cohen: D.C. might be higher on the list than one would think - especially since it's not that large of a city. One might expect Boston to be higher due to the available tech talent and universities in the city.

However, high paying political jobs available in D.C are abundant and the city is also becoming a bit more tech-focused. The art of campaigning is shifting more to digital instead of just televisions and as a result, we're seeing a lot of tech and digital-related agencies pop up in the area.

Additionally, while it isn't the largest city, the nature of the jobs tend to be much more higher paying - such as lobbying, public affairs/PR, and now technology and digital advertising as well.

Where does remote work come in? Are you seeing more high-level jobs that are remotely available, or not?

Cohen: We're definitely seeing that as a trend. The modern workforce is more enabled for telecommunicating and remote work - especially in sales positions, which tend to be higher paying.

Although there has been recent news around companies retracting location and work from home flexibility (e.g., IBM), the broader trend has been allowing people to remotely do their jobs either in part or full. We're seeing people move toward remote working in more affordable cities to escape increasingly high living costs in places like NYC and San Francisco.

Companies are making the decision between giving employees location and work from home flexibility or losing them altogether.

There's been a flight out of some of the most expensive tech-heavy cities, like San Francisco. Does that mean these high-paying jobs will get more spread around in the future?

Cohen: Yes absolutely. We're seeing a ton of growth in many cities across the country, but it has been especially fast in the Southeast and Texas. Areas there are surging in terms of job growth, especially tech.

Are there emerging tech hubs that you can see based on new $100K jobs cropping up?

Cohen: Austin, Atlanta, and Dallas stand out as some of the fastest growing and especially when it comes to tech.  Denver is another one to watch on the west coast - an emerging hot spot for tech workers looking for more affordable housing than the Bay Area but in a similar climate and with ample outdoor activity options.