Dating, apparently, is changing. And while blockchain might be great for cryptocurrencies, manufacturing, energy companies, and smart contracts ... it might also be great for dating and consent.

Especially in the #metoo era, says Loly founder Adryenn Ashley -- for both men and women.

"A recent poll showed that men's #1 fear of going on a blind/online date: that the women would be chubbier than their photos," Ashley told me. "Women's #1 fear was being murdered."

That's not a small difference of impact.

Ashley plans to change that via a blockchain-based solution that not only matches daters based on compatibility like a or mutual interest like Tinder, but also provides safety via pre-date video chats, sobriety checks, and "safe" words that the Loly app will listen for. If the app hears the safe word, it can initiate a call which will enable the concerned partner to extricate him or herself from the date.

"While it's a bit dystopian, the security features in Loly account for those edge use cases where bad actors slip through the cracks onto the platform," Ashley said. "Under normal circumstances, good girls will be matched with nice guys and a great time will be had by all. But just in case, think of Loly as your over-protective big sister. She's there to set you up, but she's also looking out for you."

While women worry about personal safety, men might worry about allegations of impropriety.

Therefore, Ashley is incorporating the ability for people to indicate consent via a permanent record in the blockchain, which could reduce he said/she said post-date issues.

"By bringing this conversation up front it enables women to be able to share their consent in a more meaningful and explicit way and to show men that if they don't have explicit consent, they don't have it at all," says Ashley.

And the augmented reality features?

Ashley plans to roll those out for IRL encounters via partnerships with night clubs. It uses the same technology as "Find my phone" on iPhone to find compatible people, then adds a visual cues for where to find them.

As almost all startups on blockchain today, Loly is having a token sale, which began, appropriately enough, on Valentine's Day in private pre-sale mode. Public sale of the tokens, which can be used for in-app purchases in the Loly app, begins on April 15.

For those who prefer not to buy tokens, Loly does have a lifetime subscription model paying in good old-fashioned dollars as well.

Or, you can earn tokens in the app by going back to school, in a sense.

"Our platform integrates updated sex ed in a gamified fashion that earns people tokens to spend on upgrades," Ashley says. "It's fun, and rewarding, so they do it."