Too many digital marketers are accustomed to using their inside voices when it comes to promoting their brand. That's why nobody ever hears them.

You need to yell! 

If you're interested in generating buzz about your product or service, you'll need to emerge from the shadows and become the face of your company. You'll have to promote yourself as an authority in your space with an opinion that can be trusted.

That kind of effort requires a great deal of self-confidence (but you have to do it).

Let's talk about self-promotion, the most underrated key to SEO rankings now. 

The Benefits of Self-Promotion and SEO

Here is the key. People don't want to share a blog by a business. People want to interact with people. If you promote your online content and marketing as yourself, it will get amplified more than a brand. 

Writing content as a person instead of a brand generates links back to your site (links are the most important factor for ranking well in Google). People like to link to people, not link to what a "business" said.

Also, self-promotion generates social media shares. That grows your footprint on social media and helps boosts your bottom line.

Self-promotion will put more eyes on your content as well and can help with conversions. If you have been following a person online, you feel like you know that person. It makes it easier for you to reach out. 

People want to interact with people. They want to link to people, read articles by people, share content from people and do business with people. When you put a person at the center of a content marketing strategy it amplifies all the elements of a good SEO campaign.

Examples of Individual Face Marketing Efforts

There are many ways that marketers use self-promotion online.

Here, we'll offer a few examples.

For starters, there's Rand Fishkin. He's not just a guy with a really cool name, he's also the co-founder of Moz.

In an effort to make sure that every SEO professional gets the weekend off to a great start, Fishkin offers his "Whiteboard Friday" sessions. They're short videos that cover some aspect of SEO.

He does a great job at attempting to make each session entertaining, and of course he uses a whiteboard to help explain things to those of us who like our visuals. It's a consistent effort at self-promotion that also offers valuable information to people in his target market.

Neil Patel has also done a fantastic job at promoting himself. On his personal blog, Patel shares information about conversion rate optimization, growth hacks, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Finally, there's Jay Baer with his Convince & Convert website. When you visit the site, you'll notice the following text: "Convince & Convert is led by Jay Baer." What's he doing there? He's positioning himself as an authority figure when it comes to marketing. He's saying: "You know this website has great material because I'm the one running it."

How You Can Self-Promote

Now that you're sold on the idea of self-promotion to benefit your SEO and overall marketing, you might be asking yourself: "What are some ways that I can self-promote online?"

Before you select a strategy, though, it's important to keep one thing in mind: self-promotion requires consistency. Consistency is one of the most important aspects of becoming an online influencer.

Rand Fishkin posts his whiteboard session every Friday, with few exceptions.

Neil Patel updates his Quick Sprout and personal blog weekly.

If you're going to make an effort at self-promotion, you're going to need to clear your schedule enough to make sure that you can do it consistently.

Personally, I write three times a week on Ignite Visibility, once a week here on Inc. and often on other websites as well. 

So now let's talk about some options for you. I can't cover them all now, but I will give you a few options.


One great way to self-promote is with a podcast. They are easy to do and having your own Podcast will allow you to build an audience and get in front of people you want to do business with.


If you're really interested in promoting your brand and getting discovered, consider making videos and posting them on YouTube. Why? Because YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, next to its parent: Google.


Another option for self-promotion is an obvious one: a blog. If you're any kind of expert in your domain and you have any information that you think would be of interest to people in your target market, use a blog to share some articles. Make sure you have the blog optimized for the major search engines and avoid basic mistakes.

Go Big on Social Media

Also, get on social media and make frequent updates. Link to your blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, and other self-promotional efforts. If you want to be successful in your self-promotional efforts, you need to brag about what you're doing. 

This will result in perceived credibility and increase attention.

Get Started Now and Don't Look Back

Why are some online personalities more famous than others? In many cases, it's because they do a better job at promoting themselves. 

When I was 25 I made a decision to put myself out there. Basing it on the idea that life it too short to sit in the shadows, it has helped me and my business. I hope you make the same choice.

So now get out there and start promoting yourself!