In today's online landscape, the best headlines and summary text rule the day.

You have mere moments to catch someone's attention before he or she scrolls right by without a second thought.

In a nod to the breakneck speed of today's social media landscape, LinkedIn recently revealed a new - albeit unannounced - way to increase the social media curb appeal of each and every blog you publish on the platform.

How To Drive More Traffic To Your LinkedIn Blog Posts

It's simple enough to execute, and best of all helps you drive more traffic to your LinkedIn blog posts via unique, customized Twitter and LinkedIn status updates that you create on the fly.

What LinkedIn wants you to do is find a compelling, curiosity-invoking thought or takeaway from inside your blog, and use that as "bait" to get prospects fishing online for content to take a nibble by clicking on your post.

Once you find that important thought, takeaway or too-good-to-pass-up statement within your LinkedIn blog, you simply highlight it on your post page with your cursor. As soon as you do, a small "share" arrow appears to the right of your text, and you then click that arrow to pull up a Twitter or LinkedIn sharing box.

Just choose whether to use a Twitter update or LinkedIn status update, and you're good to go.

In either case, you've created a customized, enticing Tweet or LinkedIn status update that goes beyond a simple blog title or "Read my new post!" type share.

Give it a try, and increase the social media curb appeal of your LinkedIn blog posts in the process!