The image below is not for the faint of heart.

You might be terrified.

You may laugh.

Either way, if you're drinking coffee or another hot liquid, finish swallowing and set down your mug.


Okay, here it is --


Did you laugh or shriek?

Now, you may be wondering why I shared this image of my wife and one of our boys from a Halloween event few years ago.

Well, besides the fact that my wife loves to jump out of the bushes and scare the neighbor kids, or answer the door for trick-or-treaters in a scary mask, it illustrates an important concept: Fear can paralyze you both personally and professionally.

The Power of Fear (And How To Overcome It)

I'm reading a great book called "The Magic of Thinking Big," which was written in 1959 by David J. Schwartz.

Along with expanding on the common belief that our thoughts truly do determine our actions, Schwartz talks about the simple way to overcome fear.

"Action cures fear," he writes. "Indecision, postponement, on the other hand, fertilize fear."

Simply hoping a professional or personal fear goes away isn't enough, Schwartz says.

"Hope is a start," he writes. "But hope needs Action to win victories. And remember, hesitation only enlarges [and] magnifies the fear."

What Are You Afraid Of?

Halloween is as good a time as any to take a deeper look at the fears that are holding you back right now in your career or personal life.

Whatever they might be, taking some sort of action (no matter how big or small it seems) is the first step toward moving past them.

So stop sitting there and dwelling on it, and instead follow Schwartz's advice and do something about it.

Fear, Unmasked

Finally, I can't finish this post leaving you with that terrifying image from above.

Instead, here's a photo of my wife without the scary mask:

Amazing how much less scary things can be once your biggest fears are unmasked, right?