She had been asking me to do this since 1997.

It finally happened the other day.

I took my wife to a U2 concert.

And, along with 50,000 other fans, I came to a startling realization ...

Those Irish lads have a real future in the music business!

The Staying Power of U2 is a Masterclass in Effective Marketing

All kidding aside, the concert made a lasting impression on me, and not just because it took me 20 years to listen to my wife and give U2 a closer look.

What I walked out of the stadium with was the reminder that nothing on planet earth will transcend how you make a person feel when it comes to music, marketing or anything else.

Emotion is everything.

I'm reading a great book right now (Winning The Story Wars) that reminds me of this very topic:

"The more powerful we believe our facts to be, the less we remember to make an emotional connection, or any connection at all, with our audiences. It gives us the false impression that we can get by without a story."

Story + Emotion = Marketing Magic

Seeing U2 live in concert - with their larger-than-life sound, powerful lyrics and mesmerizing lights and video boards - was an evening filled with the type of storytelling that makes you feel something.

The takeaway for me was simple - in every element of our marketing, we must aim to do the same.

We must tell stories that inspire and move our audience emotionally.

We must make our listeners, viewers or readers feel something.

It might not be on par with a stadium-sized rock concert, but your next webinar, podcast or YouTube video should aim to tap into the emotional center of your audience.

Get people inspired, fired up or emotionally invested in some other way, and watch how much more power your marketing efforts will pack.

Bono - What Are You Looking For, Anyway?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go help Bono find what he's looking for.

It must be important, because he couldn't stop singing about it the other night!