Today's home is a smart home thanks to the technology innovations of home automation companies. Whether it's front door locks and home protection, climate control, or appliances, your castle is now completely under your control from the office, car, or other remote locale because many home automation companies now provide a mobile app.

I'm way into home automation and love to test out all different devices on my house. I've literally got a banished pile of the ones that I don't like.

Here are the top 10 home automation companies that most people haven't experienced and why they are so amazing:

1. August Smart Lock.

August Smart Lock tops the list of home automation companies that protect your fort by offering an attractive, high-quality, and convenient automated door-lock system. The company understands that home automation technology has to be made easy to install and use, which is exactly what August Smart Lock does . It works with the existing deadbolt on a door and provides the power of an app to control home-lock mechanisms from your phone. The company even offers a Connect accessory that solves the problem so many connected locks experience of being out of range. Priced at $250 plus $50 for the Connect accessory, it delivers the most effective automated locking system based on the value of its retrofit capability, user management convenience, and flexibility for both iPhone and Android devices. Note: I also tried out the Lockitron (after waiting two years) and I found the August lock a lot better.

2. Notion. 

This home automation has got you covered on all fronts and I love it. That includes alerting you to the fact that a door is open (house door, gun door, refrigerator door, etc.), water is leaking, the lights are on, the temperature has changed, or a smoke alarm has sounded. Whether you want to control one room for $129 (for one sensor and bridge) to multiple rooms for $249 (five sensors and bridge), this incredible home automation company lets you set notifications on what alerts you want to receive on your iPhone or Android device. For such a technologically advanced home- automation solution, the five-minute set-up that involves peeling and sticking sensors and pairing with bridge and Wi-Fi is simply amazing.

3. Canary. 

If you want a smarter and more secure home, Canary is your device. This product, unlike its competitor, learns about you over time and adapts to you. This product makes your home safer with a 147 degree wide-angle lens that you access though your mobile phone at any time. You can set off alarms or speak to a child if they are getting out of bed. It's perfect for Airbnb guests to monitor when a guest arrives or departs so that you don't have to bother them.

4. Iris. 

Developed and sold by Lowe's Home Improvement Centers, this home automation product is easy to buy directly from the Lowe's stores, as well as simple to install and use. The fact that it comes as three different kits, including Comfort & Control, Safe & Secure, and Smart, allows you to customize it to fit your needs and existing home systems. The kits integrate with existing HVAC and security systems and adapt to your personal preferences for comfort and security. The company also offers responsive technical support and assistance for set-up and use. It connects directly to the internet through a modem but also works well with smartphones.

5. HomeSeer.

This award-winning home automation company has been recognized for its leadership in innovation and quality. This highly compatible home automation solution works with numerous media management applications, operating systems, web browsers, and security and HVAC systems. It works through automatic, manual, and voice control options so you can use it in multiple ways, whether you're home or away, through its remote access functionality. The company offers a comprehensive "one stop" online shop for all types of peripherals to customize the home automation system to your needs and budget. This home automation system even monitors energy usage patterns and delivers reports that help you become more energy efficient.

5. Control4. 

Just because it's known as one of the easiest home automation systems to use doesn't mean it's basic. Requiring professional installation, Control4 is a robust, scalable home automation system that can be hardwired or wireless, depending on your needs. It offers customization to include the home automation features that are important to you -- from whole house audio to a secure network of cameras to door locking mechanisms and light and temperature controls. You can use a touchpad, computer, or tablet device to control it from your home or a smartphone for remote access.

6. Vera. 

When it comes to powerful, consistent remote access capability and dependable technical support, Vera tops the list of home automation companies. Although its features list may not be as extensive as others, the fact that its software can connect with any web browser or Android and iOS smartphone app means maximum control when you are away from home. The technology also allows for programming to randomize when lights go on and off to deter thieves that often track this information. This home automation system is compatible with many types of cameras and motion detectors as well as peripheral items like smoke detectors, door sensors, and light bulbs, which can then be controlled through its powerful remote functionality. It has four native hardware controllers that fit different types of homes and lifestyles.

7. Savant. 

Geared toward Apple users, this home automation company offers a low-cost solution for dynamic control over your domain. It runs on Mac OS X systems as well as iOS smartphones and tablets and the iTunes media player. Requiring professional installation, this sophisticated automation system controls all aspects of your home, including opening and shutting doors, randomizing lights to come on and off at various times, setting your coffee pot to brew, and running your security and HVAC systems. Its powerful remote access system allows it to run from your office, the next state, or from any corner of the globe, so you can let your house (and thieves) know you're present in the home.

8. Wink.

This relatively new home automation solution is the brainchild of Quirky, an online invention platform, which works to continually innovate existing technology to make life even more convenient and secure. It's easy to use, compatible, and relatively inexpensive for the power it provides. Using a hub to connect to Android and iOS devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it sets up in minutes. As an alternative to the hub, it also offers a touchscreen device in the home that replaces the need for standard light switches. This intuitive home automation system thinks for you, with a robot that can flash a home's lights when the smoke detector goes off or offer shortcuts to speed home automation controls. Since it does not offer all the functionality itself, the Wink system is compatible with other types of smart home technology, including products from Nest and Lutron.

9. SmartThings. 

This app-only home automation system now owned by Samsung offers the reputation and experience of a well-known technology company with ingenious features that come from a team of tech entrepreneurs. You can set simple triggers that work with market-ready sensors and smart home peripherals from a number of companies, including unlocking a deadbolt without a key and controlling cameras and alarms. It has Wi-Fi capability as well, and works with many HVAC and security systems used in today's homes. The live chat support is helpful when you are away from home and need assistance with setting a trigger or creating a schedule for your smart home.

Not only does this list deliver some of the best and most innovative home automation companies, but it provides access to a wide range of solutions at various price points, which gives you the power to increase your home's IQ while adding security, safety, energy-efficiency and peace of mind.