Fresh college grads hear it quite often: we're now entering a world in which the majority of the job market consists of jobs, sometimes even whole industries, that didn't even exist ten years ago. After all, cloud computing is truly a product of only the 21st century. Apple's App Store didn't even exist until 2008!

It can be very daunting trying to keep up in this world of rapid innovation. Over the past week I’ve been helping my recently graduated sister find a job. Sometimes I see a job listing and you can't understand a single world in the job description. Don't worry. You're not alone. I’m having the same problem and it’s very confusting.

To help keep your feet on the ground, here's a list of industries poised to have a big rest of 2015. Keep an eye out on these sectors whether you're in the thick of the job hunt or just looking for new investment opportunities.

1. 3-D Printing

While a lot of us are still scratching our heads at this magical notion, the 3D printing industry has been steadily growing and improving its viability and applicability to a large scale. With experts predicting that 3D printing could potentially revolutionize the manufacturing industry, you can bet people have got their eyes on this sector for huge growth in the near future.

2. Solar Energy Development

The industry is not without its critics, especially in a time when oil is so cheap, but solar energy continues to receive a great deal of support from many governments around the world, and with the prices of silicon continually dropping and the push for alternative energy sources still on the rise, solar energy might just be poised for a real breakout year.

3. Social Network and App Gaming

A lot of us probably remember Farmville. Perhaps Candy Crush is still on many folks' minds. And perhaps some of you think, "Oh, these little app games are just a fad." Well, think again. Such top gaming apps as Game of War: Fire Age are shelling out tens of millions in advertising to boost app purchases, so you can bet people are taking this industry very seriously.

4. Generic Pharmaceuticals

The Baby Boomer population, it turns out, can be a major driving force in the American economy, and as they age, the demand for pharmaceuticals rises. The problem is, though, name-brand drugs tend to be very pricey. Look out for this grassroots industry of generic pharmaceuticals, available at any neighborhood drug store, to continue its upward trend.

5. Home Health Care

Remember that Baby Boomer generation we were talking about? Remember how we said they tend to be a significant economic driving force? Yeah, it's still true. According to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, no fewer than 12 million people each year need some form of home health service, and you can bet that number is only going to go up as the Baby Boomer generation continues to enter its later years.

6. Remote Staffing

In case you hadn't heard, remote work is on the rise. With telecommuting only becoming easier as technologies like Skype continue to sharpen their services, more and more companies are saving money on rent and going remote. Companies like Toptal (who helped my hire my top developer) have turned the whole thing into a science, declaring correctly that companies need to stop restricting themselves to the local talent pool if they plan to keep up in this fast-paced world. You can expect this industry to take off as demand for remote work grows.

7. Data Services

It's a bit of a difficult idea to fathom, but the world is running out of data. Contrary to popular belief, there is a limited amount of data out there for us to use, and as more people are using more smartphones to process more data, that number is growing smaller at a quicker rate than ever. And yet, no one is showing any signs of using less data, so you can bet that businesses and entrepreneurs are working around the clock to find that innovative solution to this growing global issue.

8. Gamification

Remember those jobs we mentioned that didn't exist ten years ago? Well, social media management falls into that category, as a business's online presence is more important than ever for marketing and promotion purposes. Gamification is a relatively new concept gaining a lot of traction these days, and it involves adding the element of competition among your employees and customers as a means of guerrilla marketing. Because it's a fresh concept, gamification consultants and experts have become more and more in demand recently.

9. Fantasy Sports Services

Much like the world of gaming apps, fantasy sports often gets overlooked by investment experts because of its relatively trivial nature. Most would argue that it's not a necessary service and thus is too volatile to rely on. But when people start speculating that fantasy football could start to have a real influence on the sport itself, you can bet people are keeping a close watch on this one, especially with the industry's heavy reliance on complex prediction algorithms.

10. Public Sector Technology

Everyone knows that such government bureaucracies as the DMV have a certain reputation for being, well, terribly inefficient. One key reason for this bad rap is the terribly outdated technology that a bunch of government agencies are still using. Some companies are already making big money providing vendor services to the government, so as this need increases, you can bet there will be a lot of growth in this sector very quickly.

This isn’t even to mention that each and every one of these industries are becoming multi-billion dollar categories.