When you go above and beyond for clients, you expect to get paid just as fast. The biggest disappointment for a freelancer or small business owner when those expectations are not shared by the client when the invoice comes due.

Staying silent and just checking the mailbox every day isn't the best way to handle the situation, but constantly asking may annoy your client. There has to be a better way to get clients to pay their bills on time.

Actually, there are 15 proven ways to transform those invoices into payments quickly:

Use Positive Reinforcement:
Don't Be Afraid to Use Negative Reinforcement:
Make it Convenient:
Automate the Invoicing Process:
Switch to Recurring Billing:
Get it in Writing:
Ask for Upfront Payments:
Nurture Client Relationships:
Create a Retainer:
Add More Payment Forms:
Hold Work Hostage:
Be the Squeaky Wheel:
Speed Up Invoice Delivery:
Resort to Legal Routes:

Over the past month I put together a freelancers guide to invoicing and getting paid. It should help you with everything from invoicing to getting paid.

With on-time payments from your clients, you can use all that extra, worry-free time to get more work done for your existing client base or even prospect for additional clients and projects.