We can all get complacent. Especially when it comes to a job. Maybe it's because the money you are making is decent, or you have a sense of loyalty. Maybe you're just scared of taking the leap and jumping into the unknown.

It's almost the new year and hopefully you're getting a little time to relax. Years ago I was in the same situation as you. It's ok to have your doubts. It's ok to stay at a job that you don't enjoy because you're scared. Nobody faults you.

Regardless of the reason, a lot of us stay at a job much longer than we should. To help give you that nudge, here are 15 signs I've found where people really should start considering quitting their job and finding the next thing.

1. You're bored

A majority (50.8%) of employees in the U.S. consider themselves "not engaged," at work. There are probably a number of reasons why this is the case. Either the job has become too easy and you're spending too much time navigating through bureaucracy and politics, or you honestly no longer care -- boredom is one of the most obvious signs that you need to walk away from you job.

2. You're not getting feedback

It's a challenge to grow professionally and move-up the corporate ladder when you're not receiving feedback on your performance. Just as bad, if you do receive feedback, it's generic or negative and doesn't do much to help you learn and grow. If your manager is one that isn't engaged with your career development by offering frequent advice and guidance, it's time to look for greener pastures.

3. Your ideas are being ignored

Who doesn't love to have their ideas taken seriously? It's gratifying and makes you feel like a valuable member of your organization.

The opposite is true when your ideas are ignored. Even worse? Your boss or upper management laughs or insults your suggestions. You don't need to be treated like that. Go somewhere where your ideas are welcomed.

4. It's a toxic work environment

Toxic environments are the places where bullying, sexual harassment, in-fighting, and conflict are the norm. How productive can you be in an environment like that? Actions, such as sexual harassment, are illegal, demeaning, and can harm your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Despite what you may think, you're better than that. Once you leave, you may notice that there are plenty of better paying jobs out there that have a safe and sane work environment.

5. Stress is building-up

Does even just the thought of going into work make you nauseous? Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you experiencing weight gain or loss? Are you irritable? These are signs of stress and stress can contribute greatly to serious damage to your mental and physical health.

Remember, life is too short to put your health in constant jeopardy.

6. You know more than your boss

Do you believe that you're more skilled or knowledgeable than your boss? This can be extremely frustrating and spell disaster. You'll begin to resonate with your boss. But, it's actually deeper than that.

If you feel that you can't trust your company's leadership to make good decisions then you'll constantly be anxious because you'll be concerned that you're on a sinking ship.

7. Your responsibilities have changed for the worse

You probably joined an organization because there were tasks and responsibilities that you looked forward to doing. But, what if you arrive one morning and you're no longer responsible for those tasks that you enjoyed. Or, has your boss suddenly given you more responsibilities than you can handle? It may only be temporary, but it can be an indication that this will be a recurring situation where you are overworked, used, or they are trying to drive you away.

8. You're not learning or growing

It's unreasonable to expect that you're going to learn something new and exciting everyday. However, you should feel that your job is encouraging you to improve your core skills, as well as develop new ones, by offering you the opportunity to work on new projects with different people, encouraging you to attend conferences or enroll in a course, or holding training sessions for employees to learn a new operating system.

9. You feel like you have no purpose

We all want to feel like we're a part of something bigger. We also want to feel like we're contributing to that bigger picture. However, if you're coming home from work every night exhausted, but not exactly sure what you did all day, then it's time that you go somewhere where you feel like your work is meaningful.

10. There's no chance for advancement

Sometimes this can be clear from your first day at work. For example, if you take a position at a family business, don't be shocked when family members start getting promoted and you're stuck at the same position. If you don't think that there's any chance of further advancement in your current job, it's time to jump ship before it's too late.

11. You're underpaid

If you're getting paid peanuts, then why are you sticking around? Visit sites like Payscale to have a comparison for your salary. If it's too low, and your boss won't negotiate a raise, then it's time to leave ASAP.

12. Your job made sense at the time

I had a good job working construction when I was younger. It paid the bills and I had some extra spending money. While that was a good job when I was younger, I can't imagine thinking the same thing today. That salary worked when I was single, but it would have been tough for me to survive now that I have a family.

There are a number of reasons why your job made sense at the time. Maybe it was because of the location, money, or pressure from friends or family. But, that job will no longer makes as sense as you move, go back to school, start a family, or join a business that you're passionate about.

13. You have no time for yourself

Working overtime here and there can be a great way to earn a couple of extra bucks. But, if you're working late into the night all-of-the-time, then it's time to find a gig that embraces a healthy work life balance. After all, what's the point of living if you can't actually live?

14. You're being recruited

Those emails and phone calls may get annoying, but that doesn't mean that they should be ignored. This is actually an indication that your industry is thriving and they're looking to hire the best talent possible. At the very least, you can use this an opportunity to conduct some research on the job market and see what other opportunities are available out there. It may be the wake-up call that you need to find a better job.

15. The company doesn't look too healthy

Unless you're 100 percent oblivious, it's hard to miss the red flags when a business is failing, such as a hiring freeze, not paying bills on-time, the departure of upper management, closed door meetings, and suddenly needing approval for minor expenses.

Don't wait until it's too late. If you suspect that your business is unhealthy, it's time for you to leave while you can.