Let's be honest. When it comes to marketing, it can get a little frustrating with the myriad of techniques, tools, and tips that claim to help you increase ROI. But how are you supposed to know which one will give you the biggest bang for your buck without having to invest a lot of time, money, and effort?

Staying well-informed when it comes to new tools and platforms (especially those that are trending well) is a good place to start. We happen to have three recommendations we believe will kick your marketing efforts into high gear.


Let's talk video. Did you know:

There's no denying the growing importance of visual content in marketing. It makes sense. In a digital age chock-full of social media and image sharing platforms, video is the next frontier. While everyone is equipped with a camera phone at the ready, that's not really the ideal platform for a professionally shot and well-thought-out video. With a platform like Tongal though, the process of adding video to your marketing arsenal becomes a reality.

What Tongal does is simple: they create a direct link between companies and the creative talent they need in order to produce high quality video products. With an easy-to-use platform, high quality video creative of all types (commercials, training videos, ads, et al.) can be yours. You simply post your project to Tongal and let the creative community do the legwork: from brainstorming and pitching ideas, to compiling all the pieces needed to create the video, to shooting the final video. All you need to do is review the pitches and drafts throughout the process and then pick the winning video!


As you know, not all marketing attempts are well-received by the online users you target. When you distract from their experience, chances are they'll blow off your marketing efforts and turn their attention back to what they originally came there for.

According to ComScore, the average Internet user receives 1,707 banner ads monthly. And according to DoubleClick, only .1% of all banner ads are clicked. So you see, it's not your fault. Until recently, there hasn't really been a great method for delivering online advertising (remember old school pop-up ads?)

StaMedia has a solution.

Sta (pronounced "stay") has developed an ad technology that aims to please both the advertiser and the consumer. They started with the issue of user experience and aimed to create an ad delivery system that gives users the power to stay where they are-whether viewing a video on their computer, a blog on their tablet, or playing around with an app on their mobile device.

With this technology, marketers can create their own custom ads or use one of Sta's pre-designed banner templates. The technology then wraps around the ad creative, allowing users interested in learning more to simply fill in their contact information and what their preferred delivery method is. All of this happens right on that same screen they were on when running into the ad; thus, allowing them to stay put with StMedia. Ultimately, the enhanced user experience can lead to an increase in CTR (click-through rates), ROI, and lead generation.


Your website. It's the face of your brand online. No matter how much work you put into making it look great, sound great, and be fully responsive on any device, the truth of the matter is only about 2% of the people who stop by the site will take the action you are calling them to.

That's where retargeting (also known as remarketing) comes into play.

If you're not aware of what retargeting is, it's pretty simple: It's an enhanced advertising targeting tool that allows you to not only target certain types of people, but it also allows you to follow them around on the web once they've left your site.

One of the key parts of marketing is the follow-up with potential clients. But when you're trying to sell a product or service online, how can you follow a lead if they never gave you their information? With retargeting, the technology does the work for you. Once a prospect has stepped onto your website, your ads will follow them around as they go to other places on the web, serving as a constant reminder that you're there, you have what they want. A prospect may have left your site, but retargeted ads allow you to stay top-of-mind in case they change their mind down the road.

Meteora's got this down to a science. Through highly specialized learning software and a team of analysts, their technology takes ad targeting to new heights. Similar to StMedia, Meteora is focused on the user and marketer experience. Their customized audience targeting system allows marketers to deliver advertisements to the type of audience looking for their services products. While for users, they get to see the offers that are actually relevant to them.

Which Advertising Platform is the Best?

Really, all these advertising platforms have a similar thread in common: the desire to deliver an enhanced experience for the marketer. Distributing ad messaging and direct response advertising via video, mobile and location based retargeting, and in-ad engagement helps to diversify messaging and response, while increasing brand awareness substantially.

From an easy way to track your campaign through all phases of the project, to giving you a way to provide a more customized and personalized experience for prospects, to increasing your ROI exponentially...What's not to love about these innovative platforms?