Our world is electric. Tech devices have become extensions of our very beings, with some so integrated into daily life that many people proclaim they can't live without them. Like cell phones. Tablets. And life-changing apps.

Every day, someone touts the next big thing. It's hard to know what new advances deserve our attention, and which can be ignored. That's where technology power players become our trusted friends. If you follow some of the greats, you know the new devices to keep your eye on, and the ones to roll your eyes at.

Forward-thinking pioneers provide followers with sound advice on devices that are the real deal. One such trusted expert, Lewis Hilsenteger, shares this sentiment by stating, "My goal is to explore the best that technology has to offer, and share those experiences with the world." The same goes for Marques Brownlee. He is trying to help revolutionize technology by sharing honest and thoughtful insights about new products. Brownlee states, "I hope my reviews and analysis of consumer tech can help shine the spotlight on companies doing things right, and get everyone to step up their game."

While some influencers have made a name for themselves by simply reviewing new electronics in an honest way, others like Guy Kawasaki have been in the industry for what seems like several lifetimes. Kawasaki started at a little tech startup called Apple back in 1983. Since then, he has seen the digital era unfold firsthand, and has played a sizable role in its development.

To give recognition to these intuitive and groundbreaking tech gurus, Zolt Chargers has teamed up with the Evolve Marketing Agency to establish the 30 most prominent power players in the tech industry today. Social data was compiled using tools like Little Bird and Klear, and they spent more than 100 hours gathering engagement stats and audience numbers for hundreds of influencers. Once the data was assembled, a precisely built algorithm weighing metrics such as number of followers, number of fellow influencers that follow and engage, Alexa ratings, Klout scores, and much more was executed, and the result is this elite group of the top 30 tech experts.

If you're looking to stay on top of tech trends, these are the folks to follow.

 All 30 of these sharp-witted geniuses have played a valuable role in guiding the market toward premier devices and products, which is something that is desperately needed as tech devices continually merge with everyday living. These experts have developed a keen eye for patterns that can be seen as a guiding light into the next phase of electronic evolution.

What are some of the most prominent tech advances in the current landscape? Some of the top influencers weigh-in:

Social Goes Stratospheric

Over the past decade alone, social media has connected people around the world in ways that were unfathomable just a few years prior. It is predicted that by next year, a quarter of the world will utilize these offerings. Social media platforms have established a global reach; Facebook alone connects about 1.19 billion users worldwide. Kawasaki recognizes the sheer power of these social spaces, stating, "By far, the most impactful technology innovation in the past five years for me has been the rise of social media. It has leveled the field of marketing--making it more of a meritocracy than a financial game."

The Solidification of Digital and Physical Spaces

Like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, the digital arena continues to merge with the physical world. In just the past few years, a handful of unique devices have come into the limelight with jaw-dropping new abilities. Soon, devices like the Oculus Rift and Google's Magic Leap will merge the tangible and intangible, ultimately changing the way people see the world.

Since Oculus and Magic Leap aren't part of the vernacular of the masses, Hilsenteger predicts wireless charging for all devices might be the next big thing. He hypothesizes: "I'd love to see wireless charging in laptops; simply set it down and come back to a fully charged system." Yes, it's the little things that rock our worlds.

The Rise of Simplicity

It's not uncommon that the first generation of any device remains the most complex. This means we can look forward to our favorite gadgets edging their way to simplicity. Take the MacBook; the latest generations have just one USB port. Many lament this as a limitation, while others hail the streamlined gesture. Kawasaki, former tech evangelist for Apple, weighed in on this, stating, "The jury is out on the one-port concept of the latest MacBook. I am skeptical, but I just bought one for my daughter who insists that she never plugs anything into her laptop but a power cord."

These power players are a bright light in a sea of confusion, newness, and innovation. Thanks to them, we can continue to make sense of the incredibly dynamic world of technology.