Life can get pretty overwhelming. It never seems to slow down and there is always something that needs to be done. Whether it's finishing that report by your deadline or simply picking up your dry cleaning, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.

Luckily, technology and the rise of the smartphones has made certain things in life much more streamlined. Things like integrated calendars and time-saving apps to help with restaurant reservations have helped keep projects in check and help shave time off of menial tasks, giving you more time in the day.

We've compiled a small list of life hacks to help you with organizing your busy day. Keep reading below to check them out!

1. Shared calendars: Whether it is between your friends and family or your co-workers, using a shared calendar can help keep everyone abreast of meetings, gatherings, and everything in between. Google Calendar is a great starting point because it's easily accessible by pretty much anyone. There are also dedicated calendar apps, as well, that let you collaborate with others.

2. Reservations: Maybe you only have an hour for lunch but want to have a nice, sit down lunch that is ready when you arrive. Eating your meal doesn't take that long, but having to wait for a table and then continue to wait on your meal to be prepared can take time away from your busy day. What could be accomplished in 30 to 45 minutes can take upwards of two hours by the time you wait for these things. By using an app like Allset you can cut out most of the wasted time, allowing for more options for you and your colleagues and you can have a nice meal instead of that turkey sandwich for lunch. It also gives you a chance to get out of the office and catch a breather.

You can use Allset to reserve a table for you and order your food in advance. This way you can have your Food-Fire Grilled Salmon exactly when you want it. Set your reservation for 1pm and when you'll have a fresh plate of salmon when you arrive. I personally love the feature where you can use the app to pay for the meal, meaning that I can leave when I need to leave.

3. To-do list app: A calendar is a great way to keep dates in mind, but if you stay constantly busy and need a way to keep up with your daily and weekly tasks then a to-do list app is in order. One good example is Wunderlist. Wunderlist allows you to set up tasks for your day, down to 1 hour increments and set reminders for everything. You can even share your lists with others, allowing you to collaborate with anyone. You can also access it from anywhere, meaning that you can follow up on tasks whether you're on your phone, tablet, or computer.

4. Privacy App: Yes, you probably have a password lock set on your phone, but what about your individual apps? Not so much an "organizing your day" kind of app, but more so a "Protect your day" kind of app, Privacy Wizard keeps your phone safe, while keeping you secure. Even from someone innocent, like your child. Privacy Wizard lets you put passwords on individual apps so you don't have to worry about the little one deleting your emails while trying to play Angry Birds. There's even the option to add specific prompts to ward off prying eye, such as a fake "App failed to load prompt" and a fake "Incoming Call" prompt.

5. Taking Notes app: Sometimes you need to quickly jot something down and there isn't a pen near by. There are multiple ways to do this, but one quick way is to use the app Captio. Captio is barebones app that lets you quickly make a note and send it to your email within seconds. You don't have to type in your address or anything, you set that up ahead of time and by pressing Send it instantly goes to your email.

6. Messaging app: I'm a huge fan of the Jott app. They are an app that's making other messaging apps look bad. With millions of customers and the ability to text without wifi, cellular data or from the middle of a crowded area. They've also added the ability to schedule things in my life through messages. Makes my life simpler keeping it all in one place.

You can use Wunderlist to remember your lunch date, then get all the benefits of a nice meal, without the wait, with Allset while texting your friends with Jott. These are but a few options available to start making more time in your hectic day. Smartphones have opened up a wide range of apps of options to make your day easier and more productive and it's time to stop using yours for nothing more than text messaging and Facebook.

Published on: Oct 17, 2015
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