There are startups--and then there are startup accelerators. This fast-growing niche isn't the best environment for everyone, and of course each is unique. It's a great learning environment for first-time entrepreneurs/founders, but it comes with a catch: There often are even tighter purse strings in an accelerator compared to a regular startup.

Over the past four months I've been pushing my startup Due. It's been a fun road that I'm embarking on. Technology is changing so fast. Even since selling my last company three years ago, the rate of change in the startup world is a bit overwhelming. I'm sure you feel the same.

For the person (like myself) who wants to find an amazing accelerator, there's a checklist of items to consider. Before you give up a "regular" job, or move across the country to join an accelerator; there are a few things that I would suggest you consider.


You know your idea is a real business:
You get offer terms:
You'd love to have a mentor:
You live for competition:
You've heard great things about this accelerator concept:
You like the accelerator team and your future manager:

There are also many reasons not to join an accelerator, but for most entrepreneurs the pros far outweigh the cons. Living in Silicon Valley, I have seen countless companies come out of accelerators and have success. Several of the billion dollar unicorns in Silicon Valley have come out of accelerators.

Are you going to be the next successful startup that comes out of an accelerator?