After working in the creative industry for many years as well as now managing many creative individuals within my company, I've learned that this segment of talent is a special breed of talent that has unique traits that should be embraced in the recruiting and hiring process. Their unique traits harness the forces of creativity and innovation to provide differentiated, standout written and visual content that engages audiences and attracts new prospects to our products and services.

Here are eight traits to look for in a creative hire and why these are critical traits to add to your startup or company:

Associative Orientation:

The last three traits actually are measured in the form of a quotient, which means there is a certain measure, or level, that is necessary to have in relation to the trait itself:

Intelligence Quotient:
Curiosity Quotient:
Emotional Quotient:

While the first five traits are somewhat easy to find across all creative talent, these last three quotients take longer to uncover and develop. However, they are worth spending the time looking for because they can really extend the competitive advantage a business has over the rest of the market and drive the emotional bond necessary to attract and maintain customers over time.