Entrepreneurs love superheroes. James Bond, in particular, captures their imagination. 007 is also a favorite archetype for businesses to use on their blogs.

In the movies, James Bond can get out of any predicament. And stay neatly dressed, well-armed, and extremely attractive to every woman who still has a pulse. In real life, though, if he had to run your company, how would he do? Pretty well, actually. Better than you, probably. Here's why:

1. A great backup team.

With Q at his beck and call, Miss Moneypenny ready, willing, and able to go the limit for him, and a veritable harem of lovesick ladies eager to serve him in any way imaginable, Bond is not only ready for success, but EXPECTS it. That attitude comes from having such an extraordinary backup team. What kind of backup team do you have? Is your tech team up on all the latest technology available for your business?

2. Bond is good at taking orders.

Of course, when M gives him his marching orders he may bend them a bit, but that's only to get the job done more quickly and efficiently. Every business owner has a boss--the client or customer who purchases their product or service. If you don't pay attention to what they're telling you, you are in the same position as James Bond would be if he simply blew off M and went his own way. More than 80 percent of consumers require customer service when ordering online. Are you ready to listen to their 'orders'?

3. Focus.

When Bond is making love to a beautiful woman it is usually not just a casual affair; he is after information of one kind or another. He is the master of mixing business with pleasure. Whether playing baccarat in Monte Carlo or lazing on the beach in Cancun, he always has his gun with him; ready to go to work the minute a bad guy parachutes in. Are you that prepared to do business no matter where you are or what you are doing? Clients come in all shapes and sizes, at all times of the night and day, and you've got to be ready to spot an opportunity and engage it. Having said that, be careful not to overwork yourself--strive for that zen balance that Bond so easily achieved in all his films.

4. You can't kill the guy.

He gets beat up, tortured, shot, and left for dead, but in the next scene he shows up, perhaps with a limp or his arm in a sling, and slugs it out with those who were just celebrating his demise. His secret (besides clever script writers) is that he just plain won't give in. He may be in pain, bleeding all over the place, and deeply grieving fallen comrades (or bedmates), but he won't quit. He gets up and keeps going. What do you do, as a business owner, when something goes wrong? Do you run away, take a vacation, blame others? Or do you take it on the chin, square your shoulders, and carry on like James Bond? Remember, about 50 percent of new businesses fail during the first 5 years. Like Bond, you can't let failure kill you.

5. James Bond doesn't take himself too seriously.

Even in the deadliest of conflicts, when the odds are against him a hundred to one, he can offer a flip comment or double entendre, and raise an eyebrow, to show the villains (and us) that life is just a game of marbles, no more and no less. He certainly doesn't let the fact that he has a license to kill turn him into a wet blanket. He could down incredible amounts of alcohol as well, as evidenced by this Buddy Loans infographic How Much Does James Bond Drink? He's a friendly sort of chap, not stand-offish. Can you say the same for yourself? Nobody likes a person who is full of himself or herself. A business leader needs a sense of humor. It brings in more customers and keeps you from cracking up at an early age--or turning into one of those humorless supervillains that Bond is so good at making fun of and defeating.