Visual marketing is an important part of a brand's strategy, helping businesses stand out in newsfeeds and on their own websites. Videos, images, and colorful logos can draw a customer's attention, leading them to pay more attention to your message than the many other messages out there.

But with so much visual noise, how does your brand stand out? The competition for attention can be fierce, especially on social media. The good news is, there are a several ways you can maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns to ensure you connect with your intended audience.

3D Images

When you look at an object, you aren't limited to just one view of it. You can look at it from a variety of perspectives. 3D images capture that real-life experience by capturing a person's movements, as well as providing a 360-degree view of an object. Apps like Fyuse make it easy to create 3D images directly from your iPhone or Android device, with the app recording only when it detects your phone is moving.

Once you've created your 3D image, Fyuse also lets you share it directly from the app. You can send it to your social media networks, send it to yourself for posting on your own website, or blast it to your team via instant message. Once finished, you'll have an image that jumps out at everyone who views it. It is not just a 3D photo it is much more.

Micro Videos

Sites like Vine have popularized the concept of the short-form video, with seconds-long videos now popping up on Facebook and Twitter. With Twitter increasingly moving toward allowing auto-play videos on user feeds, marketers are paying closer attention than ever to the benefits of micro videos.

Humor is especially effective in short-form visual content. If a brand can convey its image while also bringing a laugh or two from some of its customers, it may lead to that video being shared, resulting in an increase in views and more visibility.Show the fun side of your brand or just give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your operation, introducing team members and showing your lighter side.

Picture Collages

Why tell your story with one picture when you could tell it with several? Picture collage apps allow you to group multiple photos into one frame, consolidating your images in a way that's easier to take in at a glance. There are multiple photo collage apps available that will let you easily create photo collages using your iOS or Android device.

Once you've created your collage, you can easily share it to your favorite social media sites or upload it to your website. Big brands have already been using Instagram's photo collage feature to demonstrate their products on the site.

Animated Logos

Does your logo just sit there, doing absolutely nothing? Most logos do. A few industrious businesses have found a way to catch customers' attention by animating their logos. However, while graphic designers can create animated logos, displaying them on a user's smartphones and PCs isn't quite as easy.

Giant Owl Productions is a UK company that has implemented its animation into its website. As a user scrolls over photos, the wheels in Giant Owl's logo move, catching the eye and making the company stand out.

Brands interested in standing out can find more creative ways than ever to do so. Using the latest apps and design programs like Adobe Photoshop, a brand can make its images stand out and connect with customers in ways it never has before. Try out each of these methods and see which one connects best with your consumers, keeping in mind the importance of ensuring it works on mobile devices and PCs before using it.