With growing expectations at work and mounting social invites, finding time for yourself has become a difficult task. In general, our lives are becoming more stressed, and sometimes home life suffers (certainly your sanity does).

Optimal productivity is not just getting things done at work but also mastering them at home. Having a clean home, happy and healthy pets, and a fridge full of delicious, nutritious food is difficult to juggle, especially when you're putting in extra hours at the office. Often the single as well as the married come home to piles of laundry, stir crazy pets, and empty Mother Hubbard cupboards, adding to the stress already piled on from the office.

It's time to get your life in order. In 15 to 30 minutes, have your home life handled with these tools.

Hire a House Cleaner

Cleanliness is next to godliness. According to a University of Minnesota study, having a clean living environment affects decision making, so you make healthier choices. More and more housekeeping services are popping up, especially with technology facilitating a cleaner right to your door. Using Web marketplace Thumbtack, you can specify the size of your living space, how often you need the service, what your cost range is, and any notes, and you get three quotes immediately to help you choose the right person. Mom dropping by unannounced? If you use mobile app Handy, you can book someone nearby very quickly and the app will show you how soon they'll arrive and when they're done.

Enlist a Dog Walker and Groomer

Pets can wreak havoc on an apartment or home. There's nothing quite so distressing as returning from a hard day at work, only to find Fido's destroyed half the condo because he didn't get his morning workout. Hiring a dog walker alleviates a lot of headaches and allows for more home productivity, not to mention guilt reduction. You can use apps Zingy in Los Angeles and Wag in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Or you could turn to Trottr, available in various markets across the country, for a walker and groomer, when Fido's smell is ruining your living environment.

Get Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Handled

Nothing impacts a day like going to grab your power suit or dress and realizing it's still sitting in the dry cleaning bag with a giant stain on it. You may be left sitting embarrassed in your meeting with ill fitting, out of date wardrobe choices, and then come to the conclusion that your life has become too busy for laundry. Washio gets the dry cleaning and laundry done for you, with pick up and delivery right to your door, so you can attend meetings with confidence, in your best ensemble.

Order the Groceries

Nothing says stress like a trip to the grocery story. The parking lot is littered with carts and slow moving meanderers. Aisle upon aisle of choices confront you as you wander aimlessly, drooling over kids cereal you ate watching Saturday Morning cartoons. Then comes the line, which is packed with other business people trying to buy staples after a long day at work. There are too many grocery delivery options to have to make that trip. Try out Instacart, for fast delivery in an hour.

Order Dinner Online

I personally love Fluc; they have exceeded my expectations time after time. They are a food delivery service that's located in several cities in the U.S. You log on to their site, order the food that you want from a restaurant in their database, and have it delivered. I've never had it take more than 60 minutes to get to my house or office. This saves me 30 minutes a day, plus I can see how many calories are in each meal.

Plan Your Weekend

Whether it's planning a day out with the kids or taking your spouse or significant other on date night, planning the weekend should be done in advance to avoid any hassles and headaches. App Mommy Nearest lets you find nearby kid friendly restaurants and playgrounds, and provides parents with a shortlist of everything to keep the kids busy.

Kids worn out and parents need a break? Get that babysitter booked on Care.com. Find a trusted babysitter before your night out on the town.

Planning a date has never been easier. Try Sosh for something new in your city. It's an app that gives you plenty of ideas for new places to explore, restaurants to try, classes to take, and shows to watch. Planning the perfect date night will surely allow your significant other to not only appreciate your thoughtfulness but also relax and enjoy the evening. Nothing says romance like a perfectly orchestrated date.

Pay Your Bills

Now that you've streamlined your home life, you should check your expenses and ensure that you can afford all these services, as well as see what your spending history is so you can see where you should make some adjustments. Apps like Mint and Home Budget will help you organize your finances and pay bills.

The Moven app allows you to be even more mindful of your spending and acts as a personal finance coach, if you really need to rein in your financial habits. It shows you how fast you're spending and if you're on or off target, so you can slow your spending if you're over budget. PandaDoc helps you send and receive documents that you need to get e-signed. That makes it easy for you to get documents signed that you need to get back quick. I also have to throw in my company, Due, to help you invoice your clients!

Order a Massage

All that streamlining can be brutal on one's mind and soul. The last step in getting your life together is realizing you now have free time to yourself. Use the Soothe app to request a highly qualified nearby massage therapist, and relax now that all that hard work is over.

Using these services could save you hours every day. That's valuable time that you could use to build your business--or, even better, to spend time with the people who mean the most in your life.