I caught a Verge interview with Robert Scoble a few years ago predicting that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be an important development to watch. And I say, oh, he just got lucky. Then I see Gerd Leonhard, say that data was the new oil and that IoT will exploit those reserves in a massive "data rush". Then I say, really Mr. Leonhard? I'll see your data rush and raise you 15 billion data hungry IoT devices: Cisco's IoT Connections Counter.

Both of those insights, if you check the dates, were over 5 years ago. And it's worth noting that IoT search volume at the time was just a trickle.

True, there wasn't a lot of detail behind these predictions, but trend spotters like Scoble and Leonhard gave us advanced notice. Scoble even wrote a book about it with co-Author Shel Israel.

To be sure, IoT is still in its infancy, but the details are getting clearer. As more and more devices are connected to the internet it's apparent that the data between these connected physical devices will help people lose weight, drive smarter (or go driverless) take better care of our children, and monitor our homes.

Still, we're now adding hundreds of devices every second according to Gartner, and that number is only accelerating. The thing is, we still can't appreciate what the future holds for IoT. But we can turn to experts that are researching and subsequently communicating about the importance of the space in order to prepare for it.

These thought-leaders have become the voices alerting the masses to what's legit, what's over-hyped, and what's about to change our lives for good. To recognize these trustworthy, educated, and socially savvy voices, Pixie commissioned digital marketing agency Evolve! Inc. to identify today's most knowledgeable and influential IoT voices.

Let's review them:

I also spoke with Guy Kawasaki, Jason Silva, and Chris Pirillo, three of the top 10 IoT experts, about the past, present, and future of this dynamic space. They discussed the good, the bad, and the 'this-changes-everything' aspects of IoT, and here are the key takeaways from these highly respected thought leaders:

Insight #1: We Haven't Even Begun to Scratch the Surface of What's Possible

IoT is in its infancy, and while some of the latest trends are thrilling, the potential is exponentially exciting. What excites YouTube sensation Chris Pirillo is "products that save time, but demonstrably make your life better. Unfortunately with most tech today, the latter rarely happens."

Insight #2: In Terms of What is Possible, IoT and LoT Feel Utterly Limitless

Filmmaker and futurist Jason Silva is enamored with the marriage of artificial intelligence and our everyday objects. He states: "As Kevin Kelly says, we will 'cognitize' the world much the same way we electrified it when we harnessed electricity. Now we are putting intelligence into everything. This is a game-changer." Pirillo echoes a similar sentiment, stating that we will soon see "products solving problems for you, or keeping problems at bay."

Kawasaki is clear on where he wants to see the industry unfold,. "I want precise location outside of Bluetooth range. In a nutshell, I want Life360 for anything I stick a tracker on." It's not a matter of if, but when.

Insight #3: IoT Will Reach Nearly Every Aspect of Our Every Day Lives

Silva shared his genuine awe and excitement about where we're headed with IoT integration this way: "The book 'Enchanted Objects' by David Rose does a great job at explaining how the internet of things is actually going to change the human experience of daily life. Smart sensors and applications will re-enchant the world and create a kind of magical experience when we interface with our objects."

Silva goes on to share what enraptures him about this space: ". . .the idea of constant situational awareness. The idea of contextual information always being served up until it feels like second nature. Technology surrounding us with useful information, like a kind of 'engineered serendipity'. I'd like my smartphone to hear me when I say I'm hungry and recommend me a restaurant. I'd like to be serendipitously informed when a friend is nearby."

All this and more is on our horizon. And these are the folks who will keep us in-the-know.

Keep your eyes firmly planted on these top 30 experts. Stay in touch with them and learn more about their insights to be in touch with everything internet of things and location based technologies!